Scott- wow is TLC shaping up to be a train wreck..

1) 8 guys tied up in one match (maybe 9 if Joe returns) means an undercard of 2 cruiserweight matches and, counting the pre show, 3 women's matches with them wasting Balor against some combination of Bray and Bo in drag

2) speaking of the main it reminds me of the doomsday cage in terms of set up and all the b's surrounding it…I look forward to Ambrose handing out frying pans

This may be one of the bigger train wrecks the E has ever put out

​I dunno, the TLC match should be at least enough to justify the $9.99.  It's really hard to judge these shows like PPVs now, since I get my value out of the Network pretty much every day and the "special events" are just a bonus for me.  The problem is that I can't see them sustaining this Shield reunion for long, so probably Ambrose will go heel pretty soon to end it.  But yeah, the undercard is a real dumpster fire this time around.  And where's Samoa Joe anyway?  ​