The Wednesday Wackness

Yay, home sick from work today but I felt too lousy to actually catch up on anything that I finally had time for (like Hell in a Cell) so I just napped and played Uncharted Drake’s Fortune instead.  Goddamn section going upstream on the little jetski while trying to control both characters was REALLY irritating, but I understand I’m not alone in that.

Tomorrow, it’s the epic conclusion of the WWE Unreleased DVD set, which was basically one of my favorite DVDs to review, like EVER.  Good bad or indifferent, as a writer I love to have stuff to talk about when I’m doing a review, and that’s the one thing this set had in SPADES.  Also, I got this tweet from Sean Mooney, so that’s awesome:


Tonight, the inevitable march to Bud Selig’s dream World Series of LA v. New York continues as the Yankees are currently kicking the hell out of the Astros and the Cubs are pretty much done anyway.  I’m gonna try to get back into the Observer recap groove again now that we’re done with Unreleased, and you all can talk about anything else on your mind, right here!