Hinder Jinder

If WWE really thinks they can sell a love around a match between Lesnar and Jinder, then they have lost their minds. The announcers basically sold it as a damn joke when Jinder made the challenge. When Braun stepped to Brock, it was more like uh oh. Jinder
gets met with laughs and what is he thinking??

Main question is, what is so damn important about the India market that they are willing to let Jinder go into 2018 as champ??

​I don't even understand anymore, either.  On Tuesday's Observer Radio, Dave basically said the India tour is only two shows where they'll sell 10,000 tickets each, and then that's it.  What they're really trying to do is sell the Network there, and it's not going to work because people in that market just do not pay for stuff.  It's the same problem they face in China.  So the whole thing is incredibly mystifying on every level.​