WWF Superstars of Wrestling – August 4th, 1990

August 4, 1990

From the Omaha Civic Center in Omaha, NE

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon.

In action this week are Rick Rude, Kerry Von Erich,  and Jake Roberts. Plus, an interview with Hulk Hogan and Demolition as guests on the “Brother Love Show.”


“Ravishing” Rick Rude vs. Scott Colton

Rude beats on Colton to start as the announcers talk about his cage match against the Ultimate Warrior at SummerSlam. We hear from Rude in an insert promo as he holds up an Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Buddies and squeezes the neck to show what he will do to Warrior at SummerSlam before putting Colton away with the Rude Awakening (2:21).

Thoughts: More hype for the Warrior/Rude match at SummerSlam. Also, notice how the wrestlers lately have been using merchandise in part of their insert promos.


The Hulk Hogan interview from “Saturday Night’s Main Event” is shown. This is where Earthquake & Dino Bravo came down but Tugboat ran in for the save.


Rhythm & Blues defeat Troy Williams & George Anderson in a match first shown on the 7/30 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


Sgt. Slaughter tells us that he has been watching the “pinko commie” Nikolai Volkoff walking to the ring and how the fans waving the American flag for him makes him sick. Slaugther then says that peace makes him sick and declares war on peace, Volkoff, and the “maggot” fans who support him. They are gearing up Slaughter for a feud against Volkoff.


Volkoff is in the ring with various Boy Scouts. An Eagle Scout presents him a pin for peace and unity as Volkoff is all choked up. They cap this off with the “Pledge of Allegiance.” After that, Volkoff waves the flag with a tear in his eye. When real-world events spill into WWF programming, this is the type of stuff that happens. It was outlandish


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund. He tells us the show is sold out and the only way to watch is on PPV. We learn that there are three new matches on the show that are: Dusty Rhodes vs. “Macho King” Randy Savage, Sapphire vs. Queen Sherri, and The Rockers vs. Power & Glory. We also hear from Mr. Perfect & Bobby Heenan as they want to know who they will be facing at SummerSlam. The matches announced are not a surprise as we await who will challenge Mr. Perfect for the Intercontinental Title.


Jake Roberts defeating Spike Jones in a match first shown on the 7/30 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling.”


Brother Love Show with guests Demolition. We first see what happened two weeks ago where Demolition attacked the Hart Foundation from behind. Ax says they are the “Crybaby Foundation” for demanding stipulations. Brother Love then asks them about the Legion of Doom as Demolition tells them there wish to fight will turn into their worst nightmare. The company is making it clear that after SummerSlam we are getting a Legion of Doom/Demolition feud.


Texas Tornado defeating Buddy Rose on “Saturday Night’s Main Event” is shown.


Sapphire is ecstatic that someone gave her a cruise around the world and wants the gifts to keep on coming.


Warren Bianchi & Red Tyler vs. Power & Glory w/ Slick

Slick handles the ring announcing duties. Power & Glory debut the new shirts and glasses and it really was an awesome look. Jesse says that Hercules must be “Power” due to his strength and Roma “Glory” because he “always had a big head.” They are in an insert promo calling out The Rockers to hype their SummerSlam match. Roma hits a dropkick then a pair of backbreakers before tagging out. Hercules beats on Tyler then Power & Glory hit the Power Plex for the win (1:49).

Thoughts: With a cool look and a great finish, you really have to wonder just how over this act would have been if they were a babyface team and got the chance to sell merch. Anyway, the heel side of the tag roster was lacking so they were a welcome addition.


In action next week are the Big Bossman, Ted DiBiase, Legion of Doom, Mr. Perfect, and the Ultimate Warrior as guest on the “Brother Love Show.”


Final Thoughts: We found out about the new SummerSlam matches and saw some stuff that happened on SNME. Plus, Power & Glory made their debut with Slick. Other than that it was more hype for SummerSlam, which is just over three weeks away.


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