WWF Wrestling Challenge – July 29th, 1990

July 29, 1990

From the Huntington Civic Center in Huntington, WV

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

In action are Mr. Perfect, Tugboat, Demolition, and Jake Roberts. Plus an interview with Rick Rude and more!


Mr. Perfect w/ Bobby Heenan vs. “Jumping” Jim Brunzell

Perfect bails after Brunzell reverses a hip toss then regroups with Heenan. He heads back inside then boots Brunzell in the face to avoid a backdrop. Perfect chops Brunzell in the corner and continues to rough him up. Brunzell tries a comeback but whiffs on a dropkick then Perfect hits the Perfect Plex for the win (2:48).

Thoughts: An easy win for Perfect as we await who he’ll defend the Intercontinental Title against at SummerSlam.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. This was the same report we saw on “Superstars of Wrestling” where Slick became the manager of Paul Roma & Hercules and called them “Power & Glory.


Tony Burton vs. “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka

Snuka takes control early but ducks his head for a backdrop and gets kicked in the face. Burton lands a few shots but Snuka fights back then puts him away with the Superfly Splash (2:35).

Thoughts: Per usual, the crowd loves the Superfly Splash but Snuka is washed up and does not have any significant role in the promotion.


Dino Bravo w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Mike Shelton

Bravo chops down Shelton as Heenan proclaims that Hulkamania will be dead after SummerSlam. Bravo taunts the crowd then we hear him in an insert promo telling Tugboat he cannot wait to see his face when Hogan is “carried out” at SummerSlam. Bravo then catches Shelton in an airplane spin before putting him away with a side slam (1:12).

Thoughts: We get more of this Bravo/Tugboat feud as those two somehow got themselves involved in the SummerSlam main event. 


SummerSlam Report with Gene Okerlund. Same as we saw from “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Tugboat vs. Black Bart

We are shown an insert of fans telling us how nice it was of Tugboat to help out Hulk Hogan as Heenan makes fun of them and says they are living proof that “Gomer had children.” Tugboat shoves down Bart then plays up to the fans as Heenan keeps calling him “Slugboat.” Tugboat continues to overpower Bart until he puts him away with a middle rope splash (1:50).

Thoughts: The highlight of this was Heenan making fun of the fans who liked Tugboat. The Tugboat push really feels forced though and is not catching on with fans.


The Sgt. Slaughter promo that we saw from this past episode of “Superstars of Wrestling” airs.


Okerlund welcomes Rick Rude & Bobby Heenan to the interview platform. Heenan demands that Rude be announced as the next World Heavyweight Champion then says when it comes to a steel cage he is happy when many show fear. He feels they have the Ultimate Warrior right where they want him as Rude is the only man on the earth who has defeated Warrior. Rude then promises to take away the title belt then will become the greatest champion of all-time. The promo was fine here but this feud is ice cold and for a number of reasons, including the fact fans are not buying Rude as a threat to the Ultimate Warrior.


Gary Richardson vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Jake beats on Richardson then knocks him off of the apron. He slides Richardson back inside and works over the arm then puts him away with the DDT (2:18). After the match, Jake dumps Damien on top of Richardson’s face.

Thoughts: An easy win for Jake as they build towards his SummerSlam match against Bad News Brown.


We see Bad News Brown as he asks Jake and the Big Bossman if they are scared of his sewer rat as we see a covered cage shaking around.


Demolition vs. Tom Stone & Spike Jones

Ax is on the outside for this match. Demolition beats on Stone to start. Jones tags in as we see the Legion of Doom standing by in an insert promo as they tell the announcers 3 against 2 does not scare them and that they will kick Demolition’s teeth down their throats. Demolition continues to beat down Jones until they put him away with the Decapitation (2:38).

Thoughts: They continue to set up a Demolition/Legion of Doom feud.


Next week we will see Ted DiBiase, Legion of Doom, and the Big Bossman. Plus, the debut of the “Texas Tornado” Kerry Von Erich as we close out the show with both Rick Rude and the Ultimate Warrior hyping up their title match at “Saturday Night’s Main Event.”


Final Thoughts: Most of the key stuff here was rehashed from “Superstars of Wrestling.” Other than that the same feuds are being hyped up as the build to SummerSlam continues.