Mid-South Wrestling – February 17th, 1983

February 17, 1983

Boyd Pierce is your host

This week in action are Mr. Wrestling II, Junkyard Dog, Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Tiger Conway Jr.


Bill Watts is Buddy Nichols, the sports director of KLLB in Alexandria, LA who is here to be the guest commentator for a few of today’s matches. He says wrestling fans are the greatest and wrestling is a fine sport. With insight like that I’m surprised he was not given a full-time color commentator role.


Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne are gloating over the fact they defeated Andre the Giant & Tony Atlas last week, which was by disqualification. Jim Duggan comes in now to congratulate his friends but does not like how Skandor Akbar ran out to help them as he hates managers and how they take money away plus does not like Akbar and how he is friends with people who are against America like the Iron Sheik. He then asks if they asked Akbar for help but they both claim innocence. Duggan once again congratulate his friends and talks about how the Rat Pack sticks together to take care of business and ends by challenging anyone in wrestling. An interesting segment to say the least. The body language that DiBiase & Borne had here made it a bit obvious they in fact called upon Akbar for his services and they cannot let that secret get out to Duggan.


Tom Renesto Jr. vs. Art Crews

Crews works the arm to start as guest commentator Buddy Nichols calls the action. Nichols is dull but competent as a wrestling announcer. Crews stays on the arm until Renesto rakes the eyes. Crews catches Renesto wth a backdrop then hammers away. He hits another backdrop before putting Renesto away with a corkscrew neckbreaker (2:58).

Thoughts: An incredibly dull match between two lower card talent. Crews wasn’t that bad but Renesto Jr. was useless and neither guy had anything going on here.


Watts is back at the desk. He talks about the controversy the Fabulous Freebirds bring and how he does not like them before introducing us to the end of the NWA World Heavyweight Title match between Ric Flair and Kerry Von Erich from the Christmas Day WCCW Star Wars show when Michael Hayes turned on Kerry Von Erich and cost him the title when he smashed the cage door against his head. The last several minutes of this were shown and its an all-time classic match you should track down. After it airs, Watts says that Kerry is still out of action.


Marty Lunde vs. Mr. Wrestling II

Watts is back on commentary and talks about the mystery person that is messing with Mr. Wrestling II’s masks. They take it to the mat where Mr. Wrestling works a side headlock. Lunde tries a cheap shot after a break but Mr. Wrestling fights back. Watts talks about Stagger Lee remaining AWOL and the North American Title Tournament on March 21st then Mr. Wrestling II hits the power knee lift for the win (3:19).

Thoughts: They continue to push the storyline of Mr.Wrestling II having his stuff messed with as he is being touted as part of the North American Title Tournament. Despite not winning matches, Lunde shows some potential.


Watts tells us that they just received an anonymous message for the Junkyard Dog, telling him to “watch the back door.”


Sonny Rogers vs. Junkyard Dog w/ Mr. Olympia

Before the match, Kendo Nagasaki comes in from the back on a motorcycle then parks it and runs back to grab a kendo stick. Watts acted like he had no idea who this was but we did see the video hyping Nagasaki a few weeks ago and this is what he looked like. He heads into the ring as JYD holds his chain. They face off as the crowd chants for JYD but Nagasaki leaves then heads backstage on his motorcycle. JYD watches but Rogers attacks him from behind. JYD quickly fights back and hits the powerslam for the win (3:10).

Thoughts: This was different but in a way it worked to debut a new wrestler in this manner. I imagine we will get a match between JYD and Nagasaki in the future.


Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne vs. Tim Horner & Tony Torres

Borne beats on Torres to start. He catches him with a slam after an Irish whip sequence then tags out as Watts talks about Duggan not liking managers and loving the United States. Horner tags in and runs wild briefly until missing an elbow drop. Watts tells us that DiBiase & Borne will face JYD & Mr. Wrestling II in a non-title match next week and in two weeks Mr.Olympia will return. Horner tags out but Torres gets beat down then DiBiase puts him away with a powerslam (2:36).

Thoughts: The news here is that JYD & Mr. Wrestling II will face the champs next week in a non-title match. Horner continues to shine in the ring when given a chance.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Tiger Conway Jr.

They start off by fighting over a lockup as Conway is able to escape. Watts puts over Duggan’s feud with Chavo Guerrero and how Duggan refers to Chavo as a “cockroach.” Duggan catches Conway with a backbreaker but soon after that Conway fights back. They slug it out then Conway gets a two count with a backdrop. Conway lands on the referee after the kickout then hits Duggan with a dropkick. Conway gets backdropped outside, which is a usual DQ, but the ref was groggy. Duggan then shoves Conway into the ref and after that hits a spear but the ref rings the bell for the DQ (3:44) *.

Thoughts: The match itself wasn’t much and Conway isn’t the best in the ring but they did reinforce that Duggan is a heel after the earlier segment with the rest of the Rat Pack.


Kelly Kiniski vs. Joe Stark

Nichols is back on commentary. Stark tries to work the arm but Kiniski takes control. Kiniski gets a nearfall with a dropkick then works a chinlock. He cuts off a comeback then goes back to the chinlock. Stark uses a single leg takedown but Kiniski hammers away then they trade rollups until the show ends (3:34).

Thoughts: Just filler to close out the show. Odd they had the guest commentator and not Watts selling all of the stuff going on over the next few weeks.


Final Thoughts: Not the most exciting show but they did have an interesting development with the Rat Pack. Plus, they set up a nice main event for next week’s show. And they did debut Kendo Nagasaki in an unconventional manner. Anyway, with the North American Title Tournament coming up soon there will be plenty of excitment over the next few weeks.