Saturday Night Thread!

Man, there is NOTHING happening on the blog today.  Oh well, can’t all be Wrestlemanias.  I blame the Young Bucks thread.

Here’s another report on the Saskatoon show from the Observer site:

This weekend I’m going to work on my Sporting News columns for the week, with a look at Ultimate Warrior’s horrifying WCW run on Monday, and then in honor of Halloween, my list of 10 Wrestling Disguises That Weren’t Fooling Anyone on Wednesday.

I picked up a PS4, finally, since my PS3 died after a DECADE of use, so I’ve been playing the Uncharted Collection as my first game on it.  God bless Nolan North and Naughty Dog, what a fun game.  I also picked up the Last of Us for $20, although my real motivation was getting Ratchet & Clank.

Tonight, more hockey, and more baseball playoffs!  Talk about it here!