The Thrilliest Ride

Hi Scott,


So I watched the entire 7 hours of Mania and the pre-show and I still cannot see any point of the huge rollercoaster set that they built. Yes, I understand that the tagline of the whole thing was “THE ULTIMATE THRILL RIDE!” but for all 
the teasers through the week of how it would be the biggest, most elaborate Mania set ever, they didn’t reference the set at all. Do you think they got to the day and realised that it didn’t look like a rollercoaster enough to go with their branding? I’m just
wondering why waste money on something like that and not mention it. The only part of the set that was referenced was the size of the ramp. Do you think they will tone it down a bit in future?

I hope not. I've got money invested in rollercoaster building futures and I feel like it could peak around next April!