Ring of Honor – October 11th, 2017


Tonight, the Bullet Club puts the ROH 6-Man tag team titles on the line!

Let’s watch some wrestling, shall we?

But first…..

This is my dog. She’s a good dog.


This is the brace I’ve had to wear for the last 5 weeks that has basically rendered me useless.

One of these things has to do with the other.

See, my dog is probably the most beloved member of the family by far; I’ve always said that if the lifeboat only had space for 3, my wife would definitely choose our daughter and then have to think about it before letting me on that thing. So, nothing can happen to the puppy.

And puppy she is, or at least she thinks she is. She’s just a shade over 2 years old, and she has this really fun game where she tries to run out the front door and run through the neighborhood with us chasing her. It happens about once every 4-6 months or so, and it’s her favorite thing.

Why she can’t be content with regular walks and the backyard is beyond me, but that holds no bearing to this story. I was leaving the house to get my daughter from school and lo and behold, she saw her opening and literally knocked me over to get past me out the front door.

What followed was 20 minutes of a merry chase, and at one point, just when I thought I had her, I slipped and fell in a pure Keystone Kop moment, and I stuck my hand out to break the fall. You can surely see where this is going.

After three days of my fingers swelling up to sausage-sized proportions, my wife forced me to get it checked out. Sprained wrist, strained tendon, deep bone bruise….but luckily no fractures or breaks. So they gave me the ridiculous brace and sent me home, telling me to take it easy for the next 2-4 weeks.

You know what’s hard to do wearing that thing? Typing 2,000+ word recaps every week. I managed to get out the preview for the PPV, but that was it. I’ve been reduced to typing only when necessary or on Twitter, and that’s about it.

But as of Monday, I’m free of that infernal device, and now I’m returning (again) to torture all of you with my labored prose once more. HOPEFULLY, there won’t be any further interruptions.

TL;DR – I hurt myself and couldn’t type, now I’m better.

Ring of Honor TV – 10/11/17

Still images and some video from Death Before Dishonor fill the screen. Show was okay, slightly above average but nothing that’s going to be a classic. Lot of *** & ***1/2 stuff. The main event was a big ol’ dog, though, and that was just due to the fact that the styles didn’t mesh.

We are TAPED from Sam’s Town Live in Las Vegas, Nevada! Your hosts are Ian Riccaboni & Colt Cabana.

And that’s the music of Silas Young! The Last Real Man and The Beer City Bruiser make their way to the ring as we’re told that the World TV title will be defended tonight. At Death Before Dishonor, Young picked up the biggest win of his career and defeated Jay Lethal in a Last Man Standing match! I wonder if he’ll have anything to say about that? Young has the mic and starts to remove his shirt. “I want you to take a good shot here. I want you to get a good shot of my back!” Goodness gracious, that’s some ugliness right there. Welts, bruises, marks – that’s a road map of yikes. Take a look at the back of a man! A man who talks the talk and most definitely walks the walk! Jay Lethal beat him like a dog with a belt at the PPV, but he couldn’t keep Silas down! At the end of the night, he was the last man standing, and he proved that he was better than the golden boy, that he deserved all the opportunities! Crowd thinks he has a point. But Young has to be honest – he and the Bruiser had a goal, for months, and that was to find a man to go after those 6-man tag titles! And after months, they couldn’t find anyone who was man enough; that is, until Death Before Dishonor! There, they saw a man who proved that he is as real as they come! So they offered this man the opportunity to go after the 6-man tag titles and he was happy to accept, and that man’s name is Minoru Suzuki! Whoa! Young knows the Young Bucks are in the back right now, so if they can stop doing their internet shows and putting themselves over constantly, how about they come out here and accept their challenge?

“Suuuuuupppperrrrrkick Parrtyyy!” Well, that didn’t take very long, as the Jacksons and Adam Page are out! Matt Jackson: “We were literally doing autographs and we had to cut our line because somebody said you guys were talking about the Young Bucks!” And now they’re pissed off because they’re taking money out of the Bucks’ pockets! Standing before them is the greatest trio in professional wrestling today! The best tag team on the planet, the Young Bucks, and a man who just made his glorious return, the Hangman Adam Page! Collectively, they are known as the Hung Bucks! Crowd chants “Hung Bucks!” as I die a little inside. Well, if they want to challenge for the 6-man titles, let’s do it! But not right now, because they only wrestle in the main event – we’ll do it later tonight!

Wow! That’s in addition to our other title match tonight, as Kenny King will defend his newly-won ROH TV title against Josh “The Goods” Woods! With all that excitement on tap, we better try to calm down a bit with the following great ads!

We’re back to the music of Josh “The Goods” Woods! This is his TV title shot for winning the Top Prospect tournament. And here comes the hometown boy, as the NEW Ring of Honor World TV champ, Kenny King makes his way to the ring! We see some still shots of his match against KUSHIDA, which was probably the best match on the show. KUSHIDA was amazing in that match, and King was certainly there!

Kenny King (c) vs Josh “The Goods” Woods – Ring of Honor World TV title match

Code of Honor is followed. King soaks in the cheers of the crowd, and we get a tentative lockup as Woods grabs a leg to start. Single-leg takes Kenny down, then into a front facelock and Josh shoots the half for a quick two. Back to their feet as Woods lets King know how close it was. Waistlock by Woods into a rollup, then a front facelock leads to a Fireman’s Carry rollup for one, and Woods goes to an armbar. See, now, this is what Woods SHOULD be doing, but he needs more intensity to it. A lot of that sequence felt like he was just transitioning to the next move in the set instead of truly fighting to keep Kenny down using his grappling. King back up, Woods with a headlock. Kenny shoots him off, Josh with a shoulderblock to knock King to the mat. They run the ropes, King takes him down with a drop toehold and grabs a side headlock. Woods tries to fight off, side headlock takeover by King, Woods rolls him over for one, King hangs onto the headlock, Josh fights out of that into an armbar again, then a standing wristlock. Kenny escapes with a Japanese armdrag, kips up and hits another armdrag on Woods, and he’s got the arm now. Woods back up and he sends Kenny to the corner, King tries to go over the top on the blind charge, but gets caught by Woods and Josh hits him with a sloppy fallaway slam that looked not good. As in, almost dropped King on his head not good. That gets two, and now it’s time for us to take a two minutes (or possibly more) to watch the following great ads!

We’re back as Kenny has applied what Ian VERY generously describes as a ‘variation of the Mutalock’ on Woods. Josh makes the ropes to break that. Kick from King, but Woods responds in kind and sends Kenny to the corner. Blind charge from Woods eats an elbow from King, and Kenny follows that up with a clothesline to drop Josh. Spinning back kick from King and Woods rolls to the apron, then hits Kenny with a knee when King comes over and attempts to suplex him to the floor from the ring. They trade attempts and Woods manages to get Kenny to the apron, but eats the handstand kick from King there and that sends Woods to the floor. King jumps back in the ring, then back out with a twisting bodypress onto Josh! He rolls Woods back in, 1, 2, no! Woods fights back with kicks to the knee of King, then a big knee from Josh drops Kenny! 1, 2, no! Gutwrench suplex by Woods, he rolls through and hits a second, rolls through again and hits a gutwrench powerbomb! Cool! 1, 2, NO! Woods puts King his shoulders and spins him around for what looks like and F-5/GTS combo, but Kenny spins out and snaps him on the top rope. King goes up and dives…..right into a triangle from Woods! Will Kenny tap? He’s in the center of the ring! There’s nowhere to go! King pushes forward…..Woods’ shoulders are on the mat! 1, 2, 3! King retains! (Kenny King over Josh Woods, pinfall, 7:33)

WORTH WATCHING? – Well, it’s easily the best match of Woods’ young career, so it does have that going for it. The potential is there, but he’s just young and green. There were too many spots in the match where Woods just didn’t seem to know what to do to keep the flow of the match working; he had more than one awkward lumber or seeming confusion. King gave him a ton to make him look good, but the body of the match just wasn’t there for me – it was relatively technically sound, but boring because doing exciting matches with this style is really tricky. NO, I’d take a pass here, even though it’s closer than I thought it would be. Woods needs to be watching Steve Williams, Kyle O’Reilly, and Matt Riddle matches with all of his spare time, because that will make him a better wrestler with his style. King was okay here, and the story was also okay – Woods lost because you can’t get pinned in MMA, but you can in pro wrestling.

Post-match, Woods can’t believe it as Kenny celebrates. Code of Honor is followed and Josh raises Kenny’s hand, then leaves the ring as Kenny wants a mic. “Y’all give it up for Josh Woods.” Yeah, alright, he wasn’t bad. King says that he wants us all to know how important is was to win the title in front of his family in Las Vegas, and he’s going to be a fighting champion; every city, every ROH tour date, this belt is gonna be on the line! Anyone in the locker room, they can have a shot! He tells Vegas he loves them all, but in the background, we see that Shane Taylor has made his way down the ramp. King tells him that there’s no cheeseburgers in the ring, so he came out here for no reason! Heh, that has double meaning in ROH! And now, Chuck Taylor makes his way out, and as King is addressing him, Punishment Martinez appears at ringside as well. King starts to say that it doesn’t matter if it’s any of the three of them, but now Mark Briscoe makes his presence felt, as he wants a shot as well. King tells us that his name is Kenny King, the belt is his golden throne, and if you want it, you’re going to have to bend a knee! Staredown ensues between everyone.

Let’s go to some comments from “The Villain” Marty Scurll! Oh please, yes, let’s do that! “Next week on Ring of Honor wrestling, the villain, Marty Scurll, personally invites you to witness the celebration of my friend Cody signing the most lucrative deal in Ring of Honor history!” The Bullet Club is going to cause a spot of bother next week! But up next, it won’t be a bother to watch these great ads!

We’re back to the music of Silas Young! Holy crap, they’re gonna give this one a lot of time, aren’t they? Young and the Beer City Bruiser make their way to the ring, and it doesn’t take long before the music of Minoru Suzuki signals his arrival! He makes his way out and signals to the fans to stand, and let me tell you something, when Suzuki tells you to stand, you f------ STAND. KAZE NI NARE! He and Young have a brief moment where Suzuki considers shaking Young’s hand (or just ripping Silas’ entire arm off his body and using it as a paperweight, with Suzuki that’s probably 50/50), but that’s interrupted by the music of the Young Bucks! The former ROH tag team champs make their way out, because they’re still the ROH 6-Man tag champs with Adam Page, who’s out behind them. I don’t hate the Bucks as much as I used to, but if Suzuki accidentally(?) eats one of them, I’d be okay with it.

The Hung Bucks (Matt Jackson, Nick Jackson, & Adam Page) (c) vs Silas Young, The Beer City Bruiser, & Minoru Suzuki – Ring of Honor World 6-Man tag title match

Code of Honor is…..oh, who are we kidding here? Bruiser and Nick are set to start us off. Lockup and Bruiser takes Nick to the corner, where he begs off for a tag, Bruiser keeps tossing him back into the buckles, finally Nick ducks and kicks the Bruiser. Nick off the ropes, blind tag from Matt, Matt in and we get a double kick to the gut from the Bucks, then an assisted dropkick sends the Bruiser scurrying for the tag, and here comes Silas. Drop toehold from Matt as Nick jumps in over the top with a legdrop. He then shows the effects that too many concussions have on people as he takes a shot at Suzuki on the apron, then one for the Bruiser. Triple-team time on the Bruiser, as we get a kick from Page and a double hiptoss from the Bucks, then a triple dropkick. Adam is in the ring now, and he wants Suzuki. Even Colt questions the wisdom behind THAT choice, but he’s gonna get him, as Young tags Minoru in. Suzuki looks confused at this weird (and clearly stupid) form of life in front of him, and they shove each other before Suzuki slaps Page in the chest. Page fires back, then slams Suzuki and talks trash to Young and Bruiser. Suzuki scoots along on the mat right behind Page, then slaps a kimura on him for his insolence. Matt comes in for the save, but he eats a kick and now it’s kimura time for Matt. Sigh. A Jackson screaming in agony is truly a beautiful thing. Nick comes in to save Matt, and now it’s Nick’s turn for a trip to kimura city. Young and the Bruiser come in and we get hammerlocks for both Bucks as Suzuki turns a suplex attempt from Page into a Fujiwara armbar. Page scrambles for the ropes as the Bullet Club bails to the floor. Suzuki lays on the mat to do some stretches while the Bruiser and Young give each other a ‘too sweet’ as nothing in life makes sense anymore. Perhaps we’ll figure it all out while we watch these great ads!

We’re back and Matt is your Buck-in-peril as the Bruiser slams him and tags in Silas. Springboard double-stomp from Silas as he mocks the terminator clapping of the crowd. Suzuki puts Matt in a kneebar from the apron and does situps as Young stomps away while the ref escorts Nick and Adam out of the ring. Awesome. Tag to the Bruiser, who pounds away in the corner. Tag to Suzuki, who double-teams Matt with Young as they choke him with their boots. Minoru wrenches at the leg again with a standing kneebar, then smiles at his handiwork in the ring. I’m smiling too. He laughs at Nick and Adam in the corner, Matt tries to comeback with rights but Suzuki just laughs more and knees him in the gut. Rear chinlock on Matt against the ropes, then Suzuki draws the ref away to let Young and Bruiser stomp away on Matt. Young in now with a stomp on Matt, cross-corner whip by Young, blind charge eats a boot from Matt. Matt leaps to the top and comes off with a twisting stunner to drop Silas. Matt crawls for the tag, but the Bruiser cuts him off and attempts to whip him back to the bad part of town, but Matt slides out of the ring and the Bruiser gives chase around the ring…..right into a down the line kick from Nick. Matt rolls in, hot tag to Page! He’s in and ducks a shot from Silas, then knocks Suzuki from the apron, double sledge to Silas! Again! Irish whip is reversed by Young, Page catches him in a fireman’s carry, Bruiser back in, Page drops Young and hits a dropkick on Bruiser, carrying his momentum over into a moonsault on Silas! That was GREAT. It gets two. Irish whip is reversed by Silas and the Bruiser catches Page from the apron, Young charges, Page with a kick to Silas, he breaks the full-nelson and fires a shot at the Bruiser, then does a backflip to hold Bruiser in place with the headscissors so Nick can come across with the kick! Unfortunately, Adam forgot ’bout Suzuki, which is similar to forgetting about Dre, except the consequences are much, much deadlier. Suzuki in with a choke on Page, then he goes for the Gotch piledriver, but the Bucks save with a double superkick on Suzuki. Bruiser goes up and we’ve got some AIR BRUISER, as he comes off with a double crossbody onto the Bucks! Page charges the Bruiser and gets alley-ooped to the apron, but decides that’s no big deal and hits the Shooting Star shoulder onto Silas on the floor from there. Bruiser repays him with a cannonball off the apron. He tosses Page back in and sends him to the corner, then whips him into a backbreaker from Silas, who follows that with a clothesline as Beer City heads up again. Suzuki back in and he hits a nasty Gotch piledriver on Page, then holds him in place for the Bruiser, frog splash from the Bruiser! 1, 2, Bucks save it! They get tossed to the floor for that, and we’re going to get tossed to the following great ad break!

We’re back with the Bruiser setting Page up for a powerslam, but the Bucks are back with a double superkick to drop Beer City! Suzuki comes back in and they try it with him, but Suzuki catches the foot of Nick and sends it into the face of Matt, choke by Suzuki on Nick, but Page saves it! Page and Suzuki in the ring now, Page shoves Suzuki, Suzuki grins and spits on Page! Rights and lefts from Minoru, he’s off the ropes, Page avoids it and nails Suzuki with a forearm to send him to the floor! Good one, too. Young back in and he goes for Misery, Page blocks, Young spins Adam into a knee, rolling fireman’s carry and Young does a handstand on the top rope…..but the Bucks are back in and Young eats a double superkick while upside-down that sends him tumbling to the floor! Page goes up, moonsault from the top to Young and the Bruiser on the floor! Matt holds Young up for an Indytaker on the floor, but Page stops Nick and decides that he’s going to the do the honors, Shooting Star Indytaker! Young is dead and the crowd thinks this is awesome. Page tosses the Bruiser back in, Rite of Passage on the Beer City Bruiser! That’ll do it here. (The Hung Bucks over Silas Young, The Beer City Bruiser, & Minoru Suzuki, pinfall, 13:17)

WORTH WATCHING? – It’s a typical Bucks match in a lot of ways, but the intangibles (Suzuki being awesome, the continuing improvement of Adam Page) put this thing over the top for me. YES, this was tremendous fun. It isn’t a great wrestling match, but the point is that it wasn’t supposed to be; it was meant to move quickly and be exciting, and it delivered more than enough on both those fronts. I liked it a bunch, and I have to admit that Adam Page is literally getting better and better by the match – good timing, good transitions, he’s really been picking things up in there. His time in Japan has done wonders for him, as I’m starting to see what everyone else seemingly does.

Post-match, we see some replays as the Bullet Club celebrates and takes their leave, giving us Young and the Bruiser in the ring. Beer City must have taken quite the bump on that Rite of Passage, because he starts pointing at Suzuki like he thinks that it’s Minoru’s fault they lost. Suzuki gets in the ring as even Silas doesn’t think this is the best idea, even moreso when the Bruiser shoves Suzuki, then does it again. Suzuki clobbers him and puts him in a choke, Young tries to save, and now Suzuki and Young are going at it. Security runs down to break it up because they’ve never seen an NJPW show and what Suzuki does to the young boys who are stupid enough to try breaking up one of his fights. To avoid showing us an actual homicide on television, we’re instead going to watch the following great ads!

We’re back to “Reach for the sky, boy!” and that can only mean that we’re about to see Jay Briscoe! You know, of all the things that ROH can learn from the WWE, I really don’t want it to be ‘main event interview’. At Death Before Dishonor, we’re reminded that Jay turned on Bully Ray, clobbering him in the head with a table and leaving him to get pinned by the Bullet Club. Why did he do it? Well, he’s got a mic, maybe he’ll tell us! “So I guess everybody wants to know ‘why?'” Why did he do what he did to Bully Ray? Before he can say, TOMMY DREAMER comes walking down the ramp? Well, I did not see THAT coming. Crowd chants his name as he gets in the ring, mic in hand. He’s here to talk to Jay and to ‘our’ wrestling family. He’s going to tell a story about Bully Ray – in 1997, Tommy helped cut off Ray’s cast so he could work a PPV called ‘Barely Legal’, and now he walks with a limp! In 1998 in a bar fight, someone hit him in the head with a bottle – Ray and Dreamer beat those guys up, Ray finished his drink and then said take me to the hospital. He’s now missing a piece of his ear! In 2002, Chris Jericho knocked him out in Vegas, and Tommy spent that night in the hospital where he had to tell Bully what happened, and Bully wanted to know if he was able to finish the match. He didn’t even remember that his mother had passed away, and Dreamer had to tell him all over again, and had to watch Bully cry. That’s when Tommy knew that something was wrong. He feels responsible for all the steel chairs he broke on Ray’s head. He spent the night in the hospital again with his friend in Vegas after Death Before Dishonor – for the first time ever, he’s worried about his friend. He says that he doesn’t know what’s going to happen next, and he thanks us for listening. Jay seems to consider this, walking around the ring…..and Ian says that we’re outta time!

Oh s---, they learned from NITRO. F---.

And that’ll do it for Ring of Honor this week.

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: This was not a great show. Only one match really worth your time and it’s really not everyone’s cup of tea, a bland TV title defense, and a main event interview that was basically a bait-and-switch. Swing and a miss this week from ROH, but we’ll see if they follow up on anything with Briscoe to give it some resonance in the coming weeks.

I head to Chicago this weekend for Global Wars, so if I get the time and the chance, I’ll file a quick review. I’m beyond excited to see Omega live!

As always, thanks for reading this thing I wrote,

Rick Poehling
@MrSoze on Twitter