Alternate Universe Megapowers

In celebration of DCTV kicking back up, a multiversal question:

Inspired by Piper and Hogan doing the megapower handshake on the DVD set.

Say that on Earth-41 Piper doesn’t take time off in 86 and turn face in the process via Adonis (although I admit it was likely inevitable after the Mr. T feud basically turned him).  If he sticks around and instead does much the same turn as Savage did in 1987 (heck, you could even use Honky as the catalyst again), does the Megapowers angle work better / worse / the same with Piper in the Savage role?
It’s not as though Piper was any more burned out as a Hogan opponent than Savage was (I’d bet Hogan / Savage main evented more house shows before the respective face turns), but you’d lose Liz as the impetus for the eventual breakup.  Obviously the matches aren’t as good, but it’s not like that mattered much at the time.
But Piper as the increasingly-paranoid WWF champ in late-88, barely tolerating teaming with Hogan… not TOO much of a stretch, right?
I dunno, I think the Liz thing was a major piece of the puzzle.  But yes, Piper had a lot of the same volatile elements that Savage did, and would have worked as WWF champ. I just don’t think Vince would have had faith in him sticking around, though.