Taking Jinder Out Behind The Barn

My stance of late is that Alberto Del Rio is the worst WWE World Champion (not counting World Heavyweight Title) of all time, as he drew horrible buyrates on top even against John Cena and never really had a good match as champion.  Even JBL could do that with Cena!

But the longer the Jinder Mahal experiment lasts, the more clear it is that he is the worst.  He has been having the exact same terrible match for six months and is resorting to stealing Krusty the Clown racist jokes to try and draw any semblance of heat.

I know WWE keeping the title on him for the India tour seems likely, but what are the odds Vince decides to do the right thing and have Jinder drop the title to the newly without-gold AJ Styles at Survivor Series? (i.e. Del Rio vs. Punk at Survivor Series a few years back)

Haha, yeah, keep dreaming.  We're in for the long haul now.