Mid-South Wrestling – February 10th, 1983

February 10, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week, Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne defend the Tag Team Titles against Tony Atlas & Andre the Giant. Plus, Mr. Wrestling II, Junkyard Dog, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan will be in action and more!


Watts has the North American Title on the desk and lets us know they will have a one-night tournament on March 21st to crown a new champion.


Reesor Bowden is with Mr. Wrestling II and asks him about all of the notes and torn masks that have happened in the locker room. Mr. Wrestling II tells us he found another note today that says he’s only half the man he thinks he is then tells this person to be a man and say this to his face.


Mike Bond vs. Mr. Wrestling II

They fight over a lockup to start. Bond cheap shots Mr. Wrestling after the break and hammers away in the corner. Mr. Wrestling fights back and grabs a front facelock. Bond tries to escape but ends up grounded. Bond lands a few cheap shots in the ropes then goes for the mask but Mr. Wrestling starts going berserk and beats on Bond until putting him away with the power knee lift (3:13).

Thoughts: The action was dull but they are getting over how protective Mr. Wrestling II is of his mask as we await to find out who has been messing with him.


Before the show, we see Bowden interview Hacksaw Jim Duggan about the North American Heavyweight Title Tournament. Duggan says he will be in this tournament then demands Paul Boesch to bring back the Brass Knuckles Title. For those only familiar with Duggan’s work from his WWF run on its refreshing to see him on these Mid-South shows as a heel. He definitely had the charisma to pull it off and was a believable tough guy. I’ve been a fan of him in Mid-South and his best has yet to come.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Art Crews

Crews almost puts Duggan away with a rollup then takes him down with a waistlock. Duggan grabs the ropes and starts stomping around before beating the crap out of Crews. Watts puts over how Chavo Guerrero beat Jim Duggan, who has been pissed off ever since. Duggan works a chinlock then gets a two count with a swinging neckbreaker. Crews fights back then hits a dropkick but Duggan brushes off a second attempt and follows with a slam. Duggan then hits a backdrop and after that hits the spear for the win (3:03).

Thoughts: Solid showing for Duggan, who is still the Louisiana Heavyweight Champion at this point and would actually remain so until the title was retired later on in the year.


Kelly Kiniski vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Watts puts over both men as being tough and from Canada. Sharpe works a side headlock then hits a pair of dropkicks after a reversal sequence. Kiniski avoids an elbow drop then hits a knee drop for a two count. Backbreaker gets two. Sharpe breaks out of a chinlock but Kiniski kicks him down then starts working over the back. Kiniski works a chinlock but Sharpe gets out and uses a leg trip. Sharpe hammers away and is unable to hit a piledriver but catches Kiniski with a lariat for the win (3:52) *1/2.

Thoughts: Fine for what it was as both guys worked snug but were both low on the card at this point, especially Kiniski, so the excitement was not there.


Sonny Rogers & Tom Renesto Jr. vs. Joe Stark & Buddy Landell

Rogers takes down Stark with a fireman’s carry as Watts says he likes the “preliminary” matches because these guys are trying to get noticed. Landell takes down Rogers and works the arm in a nice sequence as Watts starts listing some amateur wrestlers, including John Tenta. Landell hits Renesto with a pair of dropkicks then tags out as Stark runs wild on both men. The match now breaks down but while the ref orders Landell back to the apron, Rogers heads up top for a knee smash but accidentally hits his partner then Landell comes in and dropkicks Rogers as Stark covers Renesto for the win, his first in Mid-South (3:47) *.

Thoughts: Landell looked good but the other three had limited potential. It was nice to see Stark get his first win and his dorky celebration needs to be seen but I did appreciate Watts talking about these matches being for guys trying to make a name for themselves.


Mid-South Tag Team Title Match: Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne (c) vs. “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas & Andre the Giant

Atlas fights off both men to start. Andre makes a blind tag then catches Borne with a press slam. Andre starts slamming the champs around until they roll outside for a breather. They head back in but fail to take Andre down. Andre tag out as Atlas nearly puts DiBiase away with a small package. Suplex gets two. Watts says that we will see the Kerry Von Erich vs. Ric Flair NWA Heavyweight Title match next week as the champs have finally taken control of the match. Borne neutralizes Atlas with a front facelock for a bit but Andre is able to tag in as he manhandles the champs. Atlas tags back in and almost puts Borne away with a suplex then Borne rakes the eyes. Borne accidentally takes out the ref and DiBiase rolls out to distract Andre enough for Duggan to run in and spear Atlas. DiBiase then loads his glove and staggers Andre, who does not fall down. Andre prevents the champs from hitting a double slam then Kamala runs in and breaks a 2×4 over Andre’s back and we get more brawling until the ref rings the bell for the DQ (6:11) *1/2. Kamala then slams Andre and is getting attacked by four men until JYD & Mr. Wrestling II run out for the save. In the ring, Andre is angry and staggering around while pushing people away.

Thoughts: I thought this was a bad match but everything that happened after the ref bump was exciting and they advanced the Kamala/Andre, DiBiase/JYD, and Duggan/Atlas feuds too. To sum it up, the action sucked but the storyline advancement was pretty damn good. Andre as a wounded giant going nuts was great and they now have a heated feud between Kamala and himself.


Marty Lunde vs. Junkyard Dog

Pierce tells us that Watts went to the dressing room to check on Andre as JYD hammers away. Lunde rolls outside after getting hit with a headbutt then returns and gets clotheslined for a two count. JYD now works a chinlock and starts choking out Lunde in the ropes. He follows with a Russian leg sweep before going back to the chinlock then he puts Lunde away with a clothesline (2:39).

Thoughts: An easy win for JYD, who used a clothesline as a finisher instead of the powerslam. The crowd was still coming down from the ending of the last match.


Watts tells us that he tried to talk with Andre the Giant after the commercial break and will show us a clip of the interview. Andre still has blood all over his face and grabs Watts by the collar and demands to have Kamala back in the ring then storms off. The blood all over Andre’s face was a sight to see. I thought he was great in selling anger over what happened. After it airs, Watts says he hopes matchmaker Grizzly Smith books a match between Andre and Kamala.


Don Bass vs. Tim Horner

These two fight over a lockup and break in the corner. Horner somersaults underneath a clothesline then hits a dropick. Horner follows with a few arm drags and headscissor takedowns as he takes control of the match. Pierce once again reminds us that next week we will see the controversial ending between the Ric Flair vs. Kerry Von Erich NWA Title Match as Bass is now beating on Horner. He hits a backdrop but Horner fights back and hits one of his own as Bass nearly killed himself as he could barely get himself over. Horner follows with a dropkick then a crossbody before the Thesz Press gets the win (3:27).

Thoughts: Another win for Horner as his minor push continues. The fans seem to react well to his highspots.


Final Thoughts: The in-ring stuff was forgettable as a whole but the angle advancements were excellent. The top feuds all have a lot of heat and they news of getting to see some of the Flair vs. Kerry match next week is big. Right now, this promotion has compelling storylines and characters and its a joy to watch.