Survivor Series 93

I personally enjoy Survivor Series 93. I know the "card subject to change " issues put a damper on it but what if they would have used Randy Savage a little more? I leave the 1st match as it occured. Randy gets thrown out of the building afterwards for fear of ruining the main event.  

Now the Bret Hart match. How about Randy returning as the Black Knight? He turns on HBK. Costing him the match . The Harts are in on it so they wrestle technically against him but fight the others. Savage pulls the mask up towards the crowd sending Garea and company scrambling and they throw him out again.

Rock N Rolls stays as is.

Randy sneaks back in as one of the 4 Doinks. Gets thrown out afterwards. Comes back in the main event and keep the distraction as is.

This gives you a show long storyline. A better worker in each match. Adds to the Macho legacy and just shows hiw desperate he is to get his hands on Crush.

​Two appearances of Savage might be too many, but I like the idea of Savage sneaking in as a Knight.  Let me pitch another idea:  Instead of having the Knights be complete nobodies with Shawn Michaels in charge, why not use Crush as the main guy instead, and during the match go backstage where one of the Knights has been attacked and laid out by someone.  Then during the match, the Black Knight suddenly turns on Crush and beats the hell out of him, then unmasks himself as Savage, in the stolen outfit?