I did nazi this coming

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is a casting call out for October 20th and 21st for a TV pilot for what is being called a television show similar to Raw and Smackdown, but it will have an element of Lucha Libre to it.

The casting call says that there will be a lot of outside the ring segments so they are looking for experienced actors. Former TNA investors Aroluxe (Ron & Don Harris & Jason Brown) are in charge of the project.

The idea behind the project is that Lucha Underground was a strong concept but done wrong because it was aimed at the English speaking audience primarily; this would be a Lucha Libre product with the attempt to sell it to Spanish language television. They are looking for both pro wrestlers, and actors who have some pro wrestling experience. The idea is to use experienced wrestlers who are good flyers and workers, as well as to use a few actors to do scenes with them, likely with the idea of replicating the success of Dario Cueto in Lucha Underground.

The WON says that the pay will be based on skill level and experience, with pay starting a minimum of $250 per day plus travel to be taken care of. They will be filming the pilot in December, probably in Nashville, with hope of a 2018 pickup and to run a promotion from there. The company hoped that Lucha Underground wasn’t going to continue so that they could go after all of that talent as the nucleus for their new group, but Lucha Underground isn’t completely dead yet.

Those with no pro wrestling experience have to have acting experience, be athletic, and willing to train. At this time, they are looking for both in and out of the ring characters; fluency in Spanish is not required but it is a plus. The auditions will be on October 20th & 21st at the Santino Brothers Wrestling Academy in Bell Gardens, CA starting at 9AM.

The company is interested in hiring Vince Russo as a television writer, because they feel that Lucha Underground’s Christopher DeJoseph knew nothing about Lucha Libre and was successful in writing Lucha Underground, so they are looking for a writer like him.

Can’t see how this could POSSIBLY fail.