Undo the Wrongs in the Wrestling World

Hey Scott.
If you could "undo" 3 things in the wrestling world, what would they be? For instance, "Vince gets the title off Bret before telling him he can negotiate with WCW." Can you avoid tragedies/deaths and stick to bad booking, wrestler's quitting, etc?
So, I guess it comes down to:
1. What are you undoing?
2. What are you hoping to prevent in the future?
3. What would you do instead?
Thank you!
Really, you're gonna give me this magic power and won't even let me save Owen Hart's life?  That's cold. 
I would prevent the Tacoma "Nitro 2.0" episode of RAW and just hold off the introduction of the WCW guys until after DDP was ready.  
I would not let Hogan pin Sting cleanly at Starrcade 97.  He shouldn't even have gotten a pinfall attempt, in fact. 
Finally, I would have done a DQ finish at WM5 and done the Megapower rematch at Summerslam. Maybe even Wrestlemania 6, to give Warrior more time to get ready.