What the World Was Watching: The Action Zone – May 28, 1995

Jim Ross recaps how Savio Vega contributed to Razor Ramon winning a King of the Ring qualifying match against Jacob Blu on Superstars and how that has led to Eli Blu signing to face Savio on today’s show.

Ross and Todd Pettengill are today’s commentators and they are still in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Opening Contest:  The Allied Powers (10-0) beat Roy Raymond & Luis Morales after the British Bulldog pins Morales after a running powerslam at 3:09:

The Allied Powers get a ton of pyro for their entrance showing that even though the company lost money in 1994 that they were not cutting back on the production budget yet.  Ross tells fans during the bout that Diesel suffered an elbow injury recently and is recuperating in the hospital, a legitimate injury that could have significantly changed storylines and booking for the rest of the year.  In his 1995 Timeline shoot interview with Kayfabe Commentaries, Kevin Nash claimed that the injury occurred working against Kama, although that would be tough to fathom because Nash was not wrestling Kama on any house shows, so the claim that he hurt his elbow against Sid at In Your House may have more merit.  Ross also tells us that the Allied Powers have decided that the British Bulldog will get to enter the King of the Ring Tournament and that the Bulldog will face Owen Hart in two weeks on RAW in a qualifying match.  The Allied Powers go through their regular squash match here, doing a few arm drags and armbars before the Bulldog does the finish.  And that is one of the problems of Allied Powers matches:  they do not have any big double team moves.  Their bouts just consist of the Bulldog and Luger doing separate singles matches and then they finally win.

A replay is shown of Bret Hart confronting Jerry Lawler on RAW.

Kama (w/Ted DiBiase) (14-0) defeats Bill Weaver after a fist to the back of the head at 2:33:

Pettengill does a horrible Dan Rather impersonation as Kama comes to the ring because this is when the whole Dan Rather-Connie Chung problem was going on at CBS.  Ross calls DiBiase “the Donald Trump of the World Wrestling Federation,” a comparison that elicits a laugh based on current events.  Ross also makes a nod to the 1970s by saying that Kama turns Weaver into “dream Weaver” due to his strikes, which Kama uses for the victory on today’s broadcast.

Ross and Pettengill do the first King of the Ring Report since the show is four weeks away.  The only matches known so far are Diesel & Bam Bam Bigelow against Sid & Tatanka and Shawn Michaels against Kama in the first round of the King of the Ring Tournament.  The report features a replay of Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow’s promo on Superstars.

Stephanie Wiand shows Matt Pomposelli the house that he won at In Your House.

Adam Bomb (11-3-1) pins Gus Kantarrakis after the Neutron Bomb at 2:41:

Bomb’s stature in the company took a big hit at In Your House as he went into the pay-per-view with a ton of momentum and lost in less than two minutes to Mabel in a King of the Ring qualifying match.  Ross says that Bomb would like a shot at the Intercontinental title, which makes sense because Jeff Jarrett is a vulnerable champion, but since he has lost most of his feature matches this year it seems inconceivable that Bomb should receive a title match.  Despite Major League Baseball being back, Ross and Pettengill still make fun of it, with Pettengill reminding fans that the WWF never goes on strike.  Kantarrakis’s offense looks weak relative to Bomb, who uses some of his power offense to put the jobber away.

A replay of Bob Backlund’s campaign ad, which originally aired on RAW, is played.

Barry Didinski pitches an Undertaker t-shirt that reads “He’s Got Soul.”  You can get yours by calling 1-800-840-1991 for $16 (not including shipping and handling)!  Ross and Pettengill claim that Didinski is the “czar of t-shirts.”

Henry Godwinn (12-3) pins John Crystal after a Slop Drop at 2:34:

Ross tells the audience that Godwinn collected extra money on Superstars last week since Ted DiBiase paid him for weakening Diesel before In Your House.  Unfortunately, that investment for DiBiase went south when Sid proved unable to win the title but DiBiase is not really known for good deals, having spent a million dollars for Andre the Giant’s contract in the 1988 and then selling it back to Bobby Heenan for $900,000 less later on.  Godwinn demolishes Crystal here, trying to build a win streak before he is sacrificed to another talent.

Ross announces that Ernie Ladd will be an inductee into the WWF Hall of Fame this year.

Savio Vega beats Eli Blu (w/Uncle Zebekiah & Jacob Blu) (1-0) with a schoolboy at 10:18 shown:

As an initial observation, Savio’s entrance theme is horrible.  It would receive a much-needed upgrade shortly after this but for now it’s a poor imitation of a Santana album.  Savio’s friend Razor Ramon does not initially accompany him to the ring but he runs out to fight with Jacob after Jacob tries to interfere.  This causes the referees to send both of them to the locker room.  Pettengill hypes Savio’s viciousness by saying that he now lives in the Bronx and “you have to be tough to get a gallon of milk from the 7-11” at night.  This match tries to put over Savio as a guy who never quits but the beating put on him by Eli is so dull that it encourages fans to tune out.  The finish is not much better as Savio makes his comeback, misses a flying body press, and then suddenly rolls Eli up out of nowhere for the win.  In fairness to Savio, though, it was clear he was hesitant to use a lot of his usual moves because of transitioning from the Kwang character so that is why his offense consisted of lots of punches.  As with his theme music that would be worked out in time.  Rating:  ½*

After the bell Jacob Blu and Razor Ramon come back out and WWF officials keep both sides from fighting each other.  This would conceivably give us a tag team match at a later date which fans are probably not that excited to see based on the Blus singles performances against both guys.

Another Bodydonnas vignette is aired.

Rad Radford (2-0) defeats Mike Khoury with a Northern Lights suplex at 2:29:

Radford does look more grunge-like this week, actually keeping his shorts on over his wrestling tights.  The fans do not know what to make of the character, though, because like many of the newcomers he has not gotten any promo time so they sit in silence as Radford finishes off another jobber.

Uncle Zebekiah tells Savio Vega and Razor Ramon need to stay out of their business and that they will take care of them on next week’s show.

Tune in next week to see Savio Vega & Razor Ramon face the Blu Brothers!

The Last Word:  This was arguably the worst episode of The Action Zone of the year thus far as the squashes did little to entertain and the feature match continued a feud that very few people wanted to see (and sadly it would continue into the summer).  The boredom of the commentary team was palpable as it seemed like Ross and Pettengill wanted to do everything they could to talk about anything other than wrestling but next week might prove better as the Blus get to wrestle in their element and Ramon and Savio tended to work well together.

One additional match for the week aired on Wrestling Challenge:

*Duke Droese (11-2) defeated Bob Cook

The WWF continued to tour Canada with part of its roster while the other half was in Asia.  Here were the results of some of those shows (courtesy of historyofwwe.com):

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada – Northlands Coliseum – May 25, 1995:  Tekno Team 2000 defeated Tom Prichard & Mantaur (Mantaur was substituting for Jimmy Del Ray on this tour)…Skip pinned Barry Horowitz…Hakushi pinned Doink (Doink was substituting for Bret Hart)…Man Mountain Rock pinned Tatanka…Jean-Pierre LaFitte pinned Virgil with Le Cannonball (Virgil had been released by the company in 1994 but was brought back to make a few dates on house shows at this time)…Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett defeated Razor Ramon in a ladder match.  They did the finish they had done previously on the Canadian tour of Ramon getting the title first but the referee being knocked out and not seeing it, allowing the Roadie to attack Ramon, get the title, and give it to Jarrett for a cheap win…The Blu Brothers beat the New Headshrinkers after making an illegal switch…Bret Hart (substituting for the injured Diesel) pinned Sid.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – The Arena – May 28, 1995 (2,500):  Tekno Team 2000 defeated Tom Prichard & Mantaur when Troy pinned Prichard with a flying body press…Skip beat Barry Horowitz after grabbing the tights for leverage…Jean-Pierre LaFitte pinned Virgil after Le Cannonball…Hakushi defeated Doink…The Blu Brothers beat the New Headshrinkers after the illegal Blu twin pinned Fatu…Man Mountain Rock pinned Tatanka…Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett defeated Razor Ramon after the Roadie interfered and pushed Ramon off the ladder.  After the match, Ramon gave a Razor’s Edge to Jarrett and the Roadie…Bret Hart pinned Sid after blocking a powerbomb attempt.

Kallang, Singapore – Indoor Stadium – May 28, 1995:  Kwang defeated Doink (this would be the last appearance of the Kwang character at a WWF event)…The Smoking Gunns beat Men on a Mission…Shawn Michaels pinned IRS…Kama beat Aldo Montoya…WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Yokozuna beat the Allied Powers via disqualification…Adam Bomb defeated King Kong Bundy…The Undertaker beat Bam Bam Bigelow.

And here were some news items concerning the company (courtesy of the June 5 edition of The Wrestling Observer):

*The WWF is excited that NBC has agreed to air a one-time special showing the Lawrence Taylor-Bam Bam Bigelow and Diesel-Shawn Michaels matches from WrestleMania XI.  The broadcast is scheduled for June 4 and is the first time that the WWF will be on network television in prime time since 1992 (and the first time on NBC since 1991).  The company is hoping that this could lead to more network shows in the future if the special draws well and hopes that the exposure given to Bigelow, Diesel, and Michaels could increase interest in the upcoming King of the Ring.  (Note:  As we will see in next week’s news items this special would be cancelled, much to the WWF’s chagrin).

*Meltzer speculates that fans should look to the upcoming King of the Ring as “the Shawn Michaels show” since he is expected to win the tournament.  He speculates that Owen Hart would be a great finalist for Michaels to face and that Michaels will have to be the major draw of the show because the tag team main event is unlikely to spark interest.

*Diesel’s elbow injury has required the attention of the famous sports surgeon Dr. James Andrews, who noted that Diesel suffered from bone chips clipping a nerve and a “ruptured bursal sac” in his elbow.  While Bret Hart filled in for Diesel in Canada, Shawn Michaels may fill in for the New York area house shows.  There is no word on how long it may take Diesel to recover or how this could affect the WWF main event picture.

*The company is disappointed at the gates for its Canadian shows and those in Asia.  For example, only 2,000 fans showed up for a show in Calgary.

*Steve Williams has been offered a contract but his unwillingness to go on the road means that his chances of accepting might be slim.

*Dustin Rhodes has been in contact with the WWF but the company does not want to bring him in as Dustin Rhodes and will want him in a heel role.

*In financial matters, the WWF was willing to give Dutchess Sarah Ferguson $50,000 for presenting the crown to the winner of this year’s King of the Ring tournament and has given Bob Holly $200,000 for his racing endeavors.

Up Next:  Monday Night RAW from May 29, 1995!