3 month fueds?


How on earth did we get stuck with these endless 3 month feuds that for some reason HAVE to cover 3 pay per views? Other than Brock beating guys and moving on, when was the last time we actually had a definitive end to a fuel and gotten on to the next. It's happening all over every show. Raw tag titles, feuding forever, Smackdown tag titles, WWE title with Nakamura. It's crazy! How can a publicly traded company not realize the potential they have to make soooooo much more money?
I would disagree.  The model for the Network is consistent revenue long term, so spiking buys one month really isn't helpful. They need to build for Wrestlemania and entice people to stay, so burning through feuds month after month doesn't actually accomplish anything useful.  Weird, but that's the business in 2017 for you.