WWF Superstars of Wrestling – July 14th, 1990

July 14, 1990

From the Hara Arena in Dayton, OH

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

This week, Hulk Hogan will make an announcement regarding his future. In action are Jake Roberts, Mr. Perfect, Tugboat, and the Orient Express. Plus, Hart Foundation as guests on the “Brother Love Show” and more!


Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs. Paul Diamond

They work a long reversal sequence that ends with Jake hitting a knee lift. Diamond starts firing away but Jake stops short on a leapfrog attempt knocks Diamond down. Diamond fights back and gets a one count with a back elbow smash but Jake comes back with a short-arm clothesline then hits the DDT for the win (2:25). After the match, Jake dumps Damien on top of Diamond.

Thoughts: Easy win for Jake but not that much focus on his feud with Bad News Brown, which has really lost a lot of steam.


We now hear from a somber Hulk Hogan. He first thanks the Hulkamaniacs for their support and how he loves them forever. Hogan says this is the hardest thing he has ever been through but before he gets into any talk about a retirement, he wants to address Jimmy Hart, Dino Bravo, and Earthquake. He says the “big man upstairs” created earth then dug deeper to create Hulkamania and has done the best that he could to lead the Hulkamaniacs. Hogan now talks about being carried out after Earthquake cracked his sternum and ribs then after laying in his hospital he scanned through 300,000 letters and that Tugboat came in and made him smile. Hogan said Tugboat nursed him and then said “let’s ride” and after riding their Harleys, the people were glad to see him feel better and after that started thinking about Hulkamania being the strongest force of the universe. Hogan then addresses his future and says “hell no” to his retirement and that he has been reborn. Hogan then says he has signed a contract to wrestle Earthquake at SummerSlam and used the powers of Hulkamania to hold Earthquake up and slam him, he hopes Dino Bravo runs into the ring because Tugboat will be in his corner. The news of Hogan returning to face Earthquake at SummerSlam was a given. It was pretty easy to see that being the end game of the “Come Back Hulk” campaign. I don’t think they really needed to involve Tugboat and Bravo in this but they were set on pushing Tugboat as a friend of Hogan. I thought Hogan cut a solid promo here and it was different than his usual style.


Tony Burton vs. Tugboat

Vince gushes over Tugboat’s size then the announcers talk about Hogan’s decision to wrestle Earthquake. Tugboat overpowers Burton as Jesse says that Bravo can bench press twice as much as Tugboat weighs. Tugboat then hits a suplex and soon after that finishes Burton off with a middle rope splash (2:02).

Thoughts: The Tugboat push continues here as he is feuding with Dino Bravo. I’m sure those matches electrified the house show circuit.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center and while running down the card for tonight’s Boston Garden show and breaks the news that Brutus Beefcake will not be there after being seriously injured in a parasailing accident and that Tito Santana will take his place against Mr. Perfect. Huge news here as Beefcake’s career was nearly ruined by this accident. He did return a few years later but was never the same in the ring.


The Orient Express w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Reno Riggins & Gary Jackson

The Orient Express beats on Riggins to start. Jackson tags in as the announcers talk about the news of Sapphire receiving lavish gifts from an anonymous source. Jesse says its a waste of money. Tanaka beats the crap out of Jackson then Sato tags and hits a heel kick before getting the win with a sit-out powerbomb (3:44).

Thoughts: The Orient Express looked good here but the focus was the news of Sapphire apparently receiving these lavish gifts.


The Barbarian w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Red Tyler

Heenan has a headset on for some reason. Barbarian attacks Tyler before the bell and stays in control. He clotheslines Tyler over the top rope as we get an insert of a “WWF Magazine” story on The Barbarian as to whether or not Heenan can control him. Back to the match as Barbarian continues to destroy Tyler until putting him away with a flying clothesline (2:27).

Thoughts: A dominating win for The Barbarian, who is still unable to connect with the crowds even as a singles wrestler.


An ad for SummerSlam airs.


Brother Love Show with guests the Hart Foundation. The camera shows a fan, likely a “plant,” holding a sign that reads “Brother Pudge.” The Hart Foundation address Demolition as they do not care if it is 3 vs. 2 as they are taking back their titles. Neidhart said if Demolition was here now they would tell them that to their face. Brother Love says that Demolition is not “yellow” then welcomes them to the set. Ax calls out the Hart Foundation for already making excuses for their next loss as Demolition tells them they’ll take on anyone at anytime. Bret suggests they wrestle now for the titles and head to the ring but get attacked from behind by Demolition. Several referees run out to eventually break up the brawl but the Hart Foundation run after Demolition as they brawl all the way through the curtains. Good segment as the Demolition attacking the Hart Foundation from behind really cemented them as heels. These two teams have been going back-and-forth mostly via insert promos since WrestleMania VI ended so its nice to see some advancement in this storyline.


Koko B. Ware vs. “Playboy” Buddy Rose

Vince lets us know that the fight backstage between the Hart Foundation and Demolition is under control but each time as one injured member. Rose beats on Koko to start. Jesse calls out Vince for being “crass” to him on his birthday as Vince wishes him a happy birthday. Rose stays in control and breaks up a sunset flip attempt with a sit-down splash. Koko then ducks a clothesline and starts to run wild until hitting a bulldog for the win (1:46).

Thoughts: They are putting Koko on TV more as he is now using a bulldog as a finisher. We also learned that injuries have occurred from the Hart Foundation/Demolition brawl.


Darnell Yates vs. Mr. Perfect w/ Bobby Heenan

Heenan is still wearing the headset. Yates lands some cops and hits a dropkick. However, Perfect comes back with a dropkick of his own as Vince tells us about Beefcake’s injuries and that we will get an update next week but his quest at the Intercontinental Title has been put on hold. Yates eats boot on a charge then Perfect puts him away with the Perfect Plex (2:06). After the match, Heenan helps Yates up but only so Perfect can clothesline him down.

Thoughts: More talk about Beefcake being out of action as they will now have to come up with a new challenger for Mr. Perfect. Also, there was no follow up as to why Heenan was wearing a headset.


The ad that tells us how great it is to attend a WWF event live airs.


Next week, we will get a SummerSlam report. In action are Nikolai Volkoff, Dino Bravo, The Rockers, and the Legion of Doom make their debut (Actually, they made their debut this same week on “Wrestling Challenge”). Also, Rick Rude is guest on the “Brother Love Show.”


The show ends with Bret being taped up in the locker room then both members of Hart Foundation promising to take out Demolition and once again become Tag Team Champions.


Final Thoughts: Finally, an action-packed show. The period of TV from when Hogan was attacked by Earthquake until now was mundane. Now, we have the SummerSlam main event all set, the Hart Foundation/Demolition brawl, news of Beefcake’s injury, and learning the Legion of Doom will be coming to the WWF. And next week we will get more matches on the SummerSlam card too. Definitely a newsworthy show in many ways.