Sandbagging an opponent/a match

Hi Scott,

I re-watched WM 27 recently and the main event between Cena and Miz is widely accepted as one of the worst WM main events, if not the worst.

The thing that's noticeable during that match though is that Cena is visibly unenthusiastic and showing little energy, or effort. He is known to be fired up and bring it in big match situations, a total pro and especially at WM, so I found this behavior from him very uncharacteristic. It seemed as if he was sandbagging the match as a whole, to drag it down, or something.

Do you know what was the case here? Was Cena upset over something, did he an Miz have some kind of issues with each other? What was the deal with that main event?

And also – can you recall any matches where one of the performers sandbagged the entire match, or their opponent on purpose to drag it down?


​The Cena match specifically was shitty because Miz got concussed early in the match and just couldn't remember what he was supposed to do.  I don't think anyone blames them for that one. 
Guys sandbagging an opponent is pretty rare because you have to put so much trust in your opponent. There's been accusations back and forth for years about the Brock Lesnar-Bob Holly match where Bob supposedly dead-weighted Brock on a powerbomb and ended up with a neck injury as a result. Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell got pissy about jobbing to OHaire and Palumbo near the end of WCW and basically went out and changed the match on the fly to a 10 second banana peel loss.  That's all I can think of off the top of my head.​