WWF Superstars of Wrestling – July 7th, 1990

July 7, 1990

From the Broome County Arena in Binghamton, NY

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

This week in action are Jimmy Snuka, Macho King Randy Savage, Demolition, and the Big Bossman. Plus, Nikolai Volkoff is the guest on the “Brother Love Show” and more!


Demolition vs. Tony Ulysses & Mike Pocari

Smash & Crush are the ones wrestling this match. Vince thinks its unfair they have an extra man as Demolition is shown in an insert promo saying they are afraid of no one, especially the Hart Foundation. Back to the match as Crush hits a dropkick then Ax stomps on Pocari before rolling him back inside where Demolition hits the Decapitation for the win (1:57).

Thoughts: With the way Vince was saying the three man Demolition team was unfair it certainly seems like they will be turning heel soon.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. We learn that Hulk Hogan is getting better and that next week he will make an important announcement as Okerlund speculates whether or not he will retire or return to the ring. We then hear from various wrestlers as the faces say Hogan will return while the heels say he is going to retire. It then ends with the “Come Back Hulk” address coming up on the screen. This is the big setup to tune in to next week’s show and with the frequent SummerSlam ads playing its not hard to figure out what will happen next.


“Playboy” Buddy Rose vs. Tito Santana

Vince continues to say its unfair of Demolition to have three members as Jesse tells us he read the WWF Rulebook and it does not state you cannot have three members. Tito works a side headlock as Vince says the rumor around the locker room is that Rose is going to get a “tummy tuck” as Jesse cracks a joke about him getting that done in Tijuana. Rose heads up top but is slammed off then Tito puts him away with the flying forearm (2:07).

Thoughts: Really just a backdrop for the announcers to put over other storylines going on in the company. Tito continues to flounder despite being over with the crowds.


An ad for SummerSlam airs.


Mike Bee vs. Bad News Brown

Bad News attacks Bee before the bell. He stays in control as we hear from him in an insert promo telling us he is smiling because a hypnotist from Harlem cured his fear of snakes. However, Bee frightens Bad News after pulling out a rubber snake from his tights. Bad News heads back into the ring and attacks Bee from behind before hitting the Ghetto Blaster for the win (2:16). After the match, Bad News tosses Bee outside then stomps the rubber snake on the mat before grabbing a chair and whacking it as Vince cannot believe his fear of snakes.

Thoughts: More of Bad News being afraid of snakes to continue his feud with Jake Roberts.


Jimmy Snuka beating Chris Duffy in a match first shown on the 7/2 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling” airs.


Rhythm & Blues w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Jim McPherson & George Skaaland

Rhythm & Blues are shown in an insert promo telling us their single will soon be #1 on the charts. They beat on Skaaland to start then do the same to McPherson when he tags in until they get the win with a double back suplex (2:02). After the match, Rhythm & Blues sing for us.

Thoughts: Not real mention of the Rhythm & Blues feud with The Bushwhackers as that has been dialed back a few notches.


Brother Love Show with guest Nikolai Volkoff, who tells us that world peace can be achieved. Brother Love wants to know why he betrayed Boris Zhukov as Volkoff said he can take him one-on-one and knows the American people will be behind him. Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes on the set now holding the American Flag and presents it to a smiling Volkoff, saying its on behalf of President George Bush. Volkoff then waves the flag to end the segment as plays. Well, real-life world events caused Volkoff to turn with the Soviet Union falling and Lithuania becoming free.


“Jumping” Jim Brunzell vs. “Macho King” Randy Savage w/ Queen Sherri

We hear from Sherri in an insert promo as she tells us there is no one better than Savage in the entire WWF. She came to the ring with a Savage action figure in her hair. Brunzell almost puts Savage away with a dropkick then Sherri distracts him from the apron, allowing Savage to roll him up for two. Brunzell comes back to put Savage in a sleeper and almost rolls him up for the win. Brunzell re-applies the hold then Sherri gets on the apron and ducks down when Savage runs Brunzell outside. Savage heads out and sends Brunzell into the post with a high knee to the back as we hear some fans chant “Macho King.”  Savage then flies out with a double ax handle and heads back in to hit the flying elbow smash for the win (3:06).

Thoughts: Solid for a squash match as we get more greatness from the Savage & Sherri combo. However, their feud with Dusty & Sapphire has already reached its expiration date.


Bobby Heenan tells us that this month’s edition of “WWF Magazine” has features on his family and will not be telling lies like usual.


Big Bossman defeats Barry Hardy that first aired on the 7/2 edition of “Prime Time Wrestling” airs.


Vince voices over an ad to tell us how exciting it is to see WWF action live and in person.


Next week, Hogan will make an announcement regarding his future as Jesse is holding his breath waiting for the announcement then stumbles off camera.


Final Thoughts: The big news is that next week, Hogan will make an announcement regarding his future in the WWF. Other than that, nothing else really happened besides the continuation of Volkoff’s pro-USA gimmick.