Hogan’s booking pre-NWO heel turn

That was some of the worst booking I've ever seen. While we had an intriguing story around Luger (with best friend good two-shoes Sting as his occasional partner, feuding with top face Savage, managed by DOD heel Jimmy Hart), heated Sting vs Horsemen feud, later Savage vs Flair feud, exciting new/young talent starting to catch fire (Pillman as loose cannon, Benoit as Horseman, Booker improving, Sabu debuting, fighting champ JB Badd, Malenko's techniques, Eddie's highflying etc) and Nitro being usually exciting and fastpaced, here we have dinosaur face act Hogan destroying the Dungeon Of Doom relicts all the time by himself, doing a really bad "will he join the darkside" storyline, then again burying the DOD with buddy Savage.

What the hell were Bischoff and Hogan thinking? Hulk was booed more and more by the month seemingly, the matches with the DOD duds were horrible, the goody twoshoes act was passé times ten, most stuff around them (as noted above) outshone this BS bigtime.

​Hey, that reminds me, I should do a Monday Night Wrong column about the Doomsday Cage Match this week.  
Anyway, I think the deal is that Kevin Sullivan was mostly trying to keep his own career going, and also find stuff for Hogan to do where he wouldn't have to bother the people they actually wanted to write compelling storylines for. Hulk's whole deal was "Well, brother, let's try to recreate 1986 over and over" and you need a series of big fat heels for Hulk to plow through to accomplish that. That was never the problem, the problem was all the "insider" shots like burning the Observer and dragging the Horsemen into it.  Had they just gone with Hogan facing off against a series of bigger and fatter evil heels for six months while dispatching them with legdrops over and over, they could have coasted on that for years.  But then they started pissing off their core audience by making Sting look like a joke and putting Flair in a dress because they were unwilling to admit that Hogan's audience was not the WCW audience.  ​