The SmarK Rant for Lucha Underground–S1E10

The SmarK Rant for Lucha Underground – S1E10

“Law of the Jungle”

Your hosts are Matt Striker & Vampiro

OK, one more chance for Lucha Underground. If we don’t get 2000 pageviews (which would be about the level of one of the 1993 RAW reposts, for example) then it’s getting retired for good. So share it on the Twitters and Facebooks and all that if you don’t want these to go away!

When last we left the Temple, Prince Puma won the first ever Aztec Warfare match to become first ever Lucha Underground champion.

Dario Cueto gives Fenix a pep talk in his office, and he sees big things in him. So tonight, he has the chance to destroy Prince Puma in his first title defense and embarrass Konnan. However, someone mysterious is watching from the window.

Aerostar v. Argenis v. Angelico v. Cage

Time to introduce some new guys into the mix, and obviously all of these guys ended up sticking around long term. This is elimination rules and Cage looks like a goddamned megastar compared to the three luchadors. The three smaller guys team up on him, but Cage bails and Argenis gets to shine for a bit before Aerostar does a nice ropewalk rana and handspring, which Argenis counters into a german suplex. Angelico sets up for a dive and Cage just MURDERS him with a lariat and neckbreaker drop, then superplexes Argenis in from the apron like Kanyon used to do. Aerostar dives at him and Cage hits him with a jackhammer for two. Argenis comes in with a rana to put Cage on the floor and follows with a dive. In the ring, Aerostar gets rid of Angelico and does a back-first dive onto the two on the floor, and then Angelico follows with a crazy over-the-ringpost dive onto all of them. Crazy. Back in the ring, Aerostar takes Angelico down with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, and Cage kills Argenis with a pumphandle bomb at 5:13. Powerbomb on Aerostar and lariat and he’s dead at 5:32. Angelico (who Striker described as the lovechild of Zack Sabre Jr and X-Pac, which is fair) tries to get a shot in, but Cage just hammers him down and pins him to finish at 5:58. Afterwards, Cage clarifies that he’s not a man, he’s a machine. Well at least they don’t have to pay him health benefits, then. Crazy fun match and Cage looked like a complete star. ***1/4

Chavo Guerrero stages a sit-in and offers an apology to Blue Demon Jr, because he’s sorry he didn’t attack him sooner. Even my wife is pretty sure that his apology is not sincere. The brass knuckles he was putting on his fist kind of gave that away, I suppose. Demon, thankfully, lays him out with a chair and hopefully we can lay this feud to rest soon.

King Cuerno v. Drago

Drago snaps off a rana for two, but Cuerno dumps him and follows with a top con hilo. A table gets set up, and Striker notes that it usually goes horribly wrong somehow. Back in, Cuerno tries something off the apron, but Drago puts him on the floor and hits him with a corkscrew dive. And then he puts Cuerno on the table, goes into the crowd, and dives off the balcony to put him through the table for a double countout at 3:30. This was like a 3 minute gymnastic exhibition but the crowd was going crazy for it. **

Lucha Underground title: Prince Puma v. Fenix

They trade dropkick attempts to start and Fenix springboards with a dropkick, but Puma tosses him and hits him with a dive while landing on his feet. Fenix dives right back at him with a corkscrew. Back in, Fenix with some low kicks to the back and that gets two, followed with a german suplex for two. Puma hits him with an axe kick and a standing moonsault for two. Puma wraps him up with an over-the-shoulder backbreaker submission and then drops him on his face out of that for two. Fenix comes back with an enzuigiri and handspring into a Diamond Cutter for two. I mean, visually that looks neat, but aren’t you kind of wasting the momentum by going in the opposite direction of your force? Puma comes back with a high kick and fireman’s carry into a head kick for two. Fenix fires back with backfists, but Puma hits him with a rolling german into a vertical suplex for two. Puma goes up and misses the Phoenix splash, and Fenix hits him with a rolling german for two. Fenix with a 450 for two. They reverse tombstone attempts and Puma gets it for two. They head up and Fenix WALKS ACROSS THE ROPES, but Puma cuts him off with a high kick while standing on the top rope, and finishes with the 720 at 12:06. Well, s---, that was quite the finish. ***1/2 And then Cage storms in and destroys Puma afterwards, because as you may have heard, he’s not a man, he’s a machine. Well, Dario did warn Fenix that if he couldn’t capitalize on the opportunity, someone else would.

The Pulse

The show is really starting to click at this point, so let’s make sure I can continue spending the time to review it!