Midget Superstar…Bay Bay!

Let me start by saying I'm a huge fan of Adam Cole. However, are they going to run into a huge problem when this guy gets to the main roster? The guy is tiny, let's be honest. Like tiny tiny… smaller than some of the smaller cruiserweights. I have no doubt that HHH is going to book this guy to look like a million bucks in NXT. However, I fear the main roster audience is going to look at him and think he's a dork like the other cruiserweights when he gets to RAW/SDL. The damage is done when it comes to small guys now.

Also, could the cruiserweights joining forces against Enzo be a perfect way to get rid of the division? The cruiserweights can revolt against him and say he's ruined the whole thing and made them look bad and Angle can just allow them into competition with everyone else. You get rid of it AND give Enzo heat as the obnoxious idiot that got rid of a entire division/show.

​From the sounds of it, they could just make Adam Cole the champion and star of the division!  There you go, solved your own problem.​