Vince’s ego

Vince isn't stupid. He has to know that the Reigns experiment isn't working. So is it safe to say that Vince's inability to admit when he's wrong is why they continue Roman's push? 

Certainly wouldn't be the first time after all that his ego became his worst enemy. Thought he could took and football and failed. Didn't want to show ass during the invasion, etc.

​The problem is two-fold.  First, yes, Vince is ridiculously stubborn and won't let it go when it comes to Reigns.  But it's also a self-fulfilling prophecy in that they go scorched earth with anyone who ISN'T Reigns and make sure that he's the only one people buy at that kind of level, so then they can say "Well, we WOULD push Strowman, but no one's buying his merch."  Or insert other babyface there, like Daniel Bryan or whoever. They've created the scenario where it HAS to be Reigns, so they're just gonna burn off any other possible babyface competition month by month until Reigns is the guy by default.  ​