Okada – Hottest Run Ever?

Since the start of the year Okada has given us 8 *****-ish star matches between January and August. 

Two of those broke Meltzer who doled out a couple of ****** ratings (thus negating the concept of the ***** system, but I digress). 

Two Omega matches, 2 Suzuki matches and three others against Elgin, Tiger Mask W and Shibata.

Add into this near five starers against Cody Rhodes and SANADA , a couple ****+ against Bad Luck Fale and EVIL.

All matches completely different styles and psychology. 

Has anyone come close to this in history?

​I'm tempted to say Ric Flair on principle, but he didn't work the variety of styles and opponents like Okada has done this year.  And to think we haven't even seen a Tanahashi-Okada main event for over a year now!  Okada is just the best and hopefully he wins Wrestler of the Year by a landslide.  ​