Titles Rebrand

Given that they're obsessed with phasing out historic aspects of the "old wrestling business", are you surprised they have kept the IC/US titles? Whenever I'm watching the product and listen to them constantly push the words WWE, WWE Network, RAW and Smackdown…just hearing them mention the words Intercontinental and United States titles just seems so out of place.  

How long before they rename the IC title the RAW Championship and the US title the Smackdown Championship? I mean just thinking like them from a branding aspect, it'd be much more streamlined.

WWE Championship
Smackdown Championship
Smackdown Women's Championship
Smackdown Tag Team Championship

​Their branding is wacked AF.  And I don't bust out "AF" lightly.  Remember how it was the "WWE World heavyweight title" for a while, and then they'd alternate between "World title" and "WWE title" and now I'm not even 100% sure what term they're using for the Smackdown title.  Plus I feel like a more appropriate designation for the secondary titles these days would be "TV title" or "Network title" or something like that.  I still maintain the best hierarchy would have been the floating World champion and then make the US/IC titles into the RAW/Smackdown titles, like you suggested, with everyone then chasing Jinder or Brock or whoever.  That way you don't have to worry about whether the Universal title is more important than the World or WWE title or whatever.  ​