PWG Pushing Forward Back

July 7, 2017

From American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA

Excalibur is your host


Sammy Guevara vs. Rey Horus

This is the PWG debut of both men. Guevara flips of Horus after smacking him then Horus returns the favor. They now fight over a wristlock and that leads to a reversal sequence ending in a stalemate. Guevara takes Horus down with a shoulder tackle then taunts the crowd. Horus turns Guevara inside out with a shoulder tackle of his own before sending him into the corner. Horus takes Guevara outside with a springboard arm drag but misses a tope con hilo and ends up getting a chair tossed in his face. Back inside, Guevara covers with his foot and gets two. He place Horus up top and tries to take off his mask then puts him in the tree-of-woe and hits a running dropkick for two. Guevara starts squatting Horus before hitting a Samoan Drop but that only gets two. Horus avoids a charge as Guevara goes up-and-over in the corner but Guevara comes back to catch Horus with a dropkick off of a reversal sequence. Guevara wedges a chair into the corner now and tries for an Irish whip but it gets reversed. Guevara floats over but Horus takes the chair and tosses it in Guevara’s face. Guevara rolls outside as Horus sets up the chair and leaps off of the chair with a tope con hilo. He landed hard on the floor too. Horus rolls in Guevara for a two count then hits a few kicks. Leg drop gets two. Guevara rolls Horus through a sunset flip and connects with a super kick. Guevara hits a second super kick then hits a standing moonsault for two. He starts toying with Horus, who fights, back, then they trade strikes until Horus gets two with a standing Spanish Fly. Guevara hits a Spanish Fly of his own then both men knock each other down as the crowd applauds. Guevara misses a corner splash but catches Horus with a bicycle knee smash then hits another knee smash. Guevara hits a belly-to-belly suplex then misses a few moonsaults as Horus kept rolling away but is able to hit a standing Shooting Star Press that gets two. Horus comes back with a swinging DDT that spikes Guevara then he heads up top but rolls through a double stomp and is sent into the corner with a belly-to-belly suplex. Guevara heads up top slowly and it allows Horus enough time to cut him off and they fight up top until Horus gets swept off trying a hurricarana then Guevara hits the 630, and perfectly mind you, for the win (19:09) ***1/2.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this match a lot more than I would have imagined. Guevara got over as a heel and the two wrestled at a slower-pace and it was not a match filled with crazy spots like you might have expected going into the show. Both men got over too in their PWG debuts.


Unbreakable F’n Machines vs. Young Bucks 

The crowd is jacked up for the Young Bucks. Elgin boots Nick in the corner after a “suck it” taunt but Nick is able to shock him with the taunt after an Irish whip sequence. Elgin comes back in and takes Nick down with a pelvic thrust. He picks up Nick with a delayed vertical suplex and that triggers a sequence with all four men in the ring as the Machines win a pushup contest then start stomping the Bucks in the process as the Bucks take bumps as if they are doing pushups. The Machines overpower the Bucks then the Bucks mess up a double-team move but are able to do connect with the move a bit later. The Bucks try stereo topes but get caught. However, they escape and hit super kicks then rolls back inside but get overpowered. Elgin hits Matt with an apron powerbomb as the Machines regain control. Matt finally tags out as Nick runs wild until Elgin slingshots him in for a powerslam. Elgin takes Matt off of the apron and we get a spot where Nick keeps floating over on back suplex attempts until he makes the tag. Matt starts hitting a bunch of super kicks then takes out both Machines with a quebrada. Back inside, Matt drops an elbow from the top onto Cage for a two count. Cage catches Matt on a crossbody and at the same time catches a rana attempt from Nick and drops them both in an impressive spot. The Bucks make a comeback soon after that and get a few nearfalls until Nick accidentally hits Matt with a knee smash. Elgin blocks a top rope rana but Nick reverses it and takes him down. Elgin breaks up a super kick party with a double clothesline. The Machines hit stereo powerbombs for a nearfall then Matt hits Elgin with a few super kicks and calls for the Meltzer Driver. Nick sets up but Cage catches him and the Machines beat on the Bucks until Elgn puts Matt away with a sitout powerbomb (18:26) **3/4.

Thoughts: I thought the beginning was uninspired and almost like a parody of a Young Bucks match but it did get better near the end. It really just never kicked into gear and I’ve seen these teams have better matches in PWG.


Lio Rush vs. Trent vs. Keith Lee

Trent rolls outside after the bell and goes into the crowd. Rush is behind Lee, who turns around as Rush shows no fear. Lee gently picks up Rush and moves him out of the way. Rush gets back in Lee’s face but is pushed aside as Lee wants Trent. All three men are inside now as Rush tries to slap Trent, who ducks, and hits Lee. Rush gets tossed into the corner. Rush fights back until Lee runs him over. Lee runs over both men at the same time as the other two are now trying to work him over but fail. Lee powerbombs Rush on the ring apron but Trent blindsides him with a chair to the face. Trent tries a tope con hilo but Lee catches him with a powerbomb to the apron. Back inside, Lee remains in control. He tries to hit both men with a frog splash but they roll away. Trent hits Lee with a tornado DDT then Rush kicks Lee down as the other two are finally keeping Lee down. Trent is on the mat and tells Rush how a three-way match works in joking fashion but is clutching his elbow. Rush beats on Lee while Trent takes a breather. They now both try to match each other’s moves then Lee rolls outside. Rush fakes a dive by doing a handspring then a backflip and Trent does the same as the crowd goes nuts. Trent tries to give Rush a hug after they did a high five but Rush slams him instead, drawing boos from the crowd then a “f--- you, Lio” chant. Rush tries and fails to slam Lee as now all three men are down. They start trading strikes then Lee hits Trent with a slingshot crossbody. Lee plants Rush with a tree slam for a nearfall after a nonchalant cover. We get some more action that leads to Rush nearly putting Lee away with a Death Valley Driver in a very impressive spot. Rush heads up top but Trent cuts him off then they work a Tower of Doom spot that looked nuts. Lee hits Rush with the Spirit Bomb after that but Rush kicks off and falls on top of the ref as the crowd has a dueling chant as to whether or not it was a three count. Lee takes Trent down with a headbutt then sets up for a Spirit Bomb but Trent escapes and hits the Crunchy but Rush breaks up the pin attempt. The fans are chanting “f--- you” at the ref due to another nearfall then Rush hits Trent with a Spanish Fly after a reversal sequence that gets two. Rush puts on Trent’s headband and starts kicking Lee as the crowd chants “Bruce Lee Rush.” Lee blocks a kick then headbutts Rush down before catching him in a Jackhammer for the win (22:12) ***3/4.

Thoughts: Fun match. This is also where Trent Baretta messed up his elbow and had to miss the EVOLVE 88 show the following night and the PWG farewell for Rush as he signed with NXT. Rush had been a breath of fresh air in PWG this year too and will be missed. Lee gets another win as it is clear they are putting him in position to be one of the favorites in this year’s Battle of Los Angeles.


Sami pumps up the crowd and says he is blown up just coming to the ring to put over how hot it is in the building. He tells us due to travel issues, Shane Strickland & Jason Cade are not coming to the show and blames American Airlines. Sami tells us they will have a match and its going to be a fourway between The Crist Brothers, Dezmond Xavier, and himself then boots Xavier in the face to start the match.


Sami Callihan vs. Jake Crist vs. Dave Crist vs. Dezmond Xavier

Xavier counters a stretch muffler with a rollup and almost puts Sami away. The Crist Brothers go at it now as Jake stands tall. Sami and Jake go at it now as Sami wins that battle, consisting mostly of kicks, then flies out with a tope. Jake comes back with a tope con hilo and Dave flies out with a moonsault then Xavier gets to his feet and hits a Flying Space Tiger Drop. Now, referee Rick Knox flies out with a tope as the crowd goes mental. He does it again until he takes out each man individually then goes up top to take them all out with a somersault senton. The match finally settles down as Xavier puts Jake in the tree-of-woe but gets cut off the top by Dave. Sami cuts Dave off on the top and leads to a Tower of Doom type shot as Jake remains in the tree-of-woe where Xavier hits him with a coast-to-coast dropkick. Dave almost puts Xavier away with a DDT but Sami breaks that up and runs wild. Jake catches Sami with a powerslam into the corner but Xavier breaks up the pin. Jake rolls away from a standing Sky Twister press and hits a Canadian Destroyer for a nearfall. Sami powerbombs Jake on top of Xavier then hits Jake with a sitout powerbomb and turns that into the stretch muffler. Dave breaks the hold after a few super kicks then hits a diving Ace Crusher. Xavier catches Dave with a boot then a meteora before heading up top with the Spiral Tap for the win (10:05) **.

Thoughts: This was just a ten minute long blitz. Xavier stood out the most but this was largely forgettable and Jake Crist has really underwhelmed the past two PWG shows.


Trevor Lee vs. Ricochet

Lee demands to be introduced as a “TNA Superstar.” He attacks Ricochet before the bell then stomps away in the corner as we learn this is there first singles match together. Ricochet comes back with a headscissor takedown and a dropkick then he poses after Lee rolls outside. They work a reversal sequence that ends with Lee getting booted outside then Ricochet sends Lee back out with a hurricarana before flying out with a Spaceman Plancha. Ricochet tries a springboard move but Lee shoves the ref into the ropes as Ricochet falls down. Lee hits a running soccer kick from the apron then taunts the fans. He rolls Ricochet inside and roughs him up for a bit. Lee tosses Ricochet outside and sends him into the chairs before rolling back inside. Ricochet beats the twenty count then comes back to dropkick Lee into the corner as both men are down. Ricochet hits an uppercut then gets two with a standing shooting star press. Lee comes back with the mushroom stomp for a nearfall and that leads to an awesome reversal sequence ending with Ricochet hitting an inverted cradle driver for a two count. They trade strikes and that ends until Lee hits a deadlift bridging German suplex for a two count. He reverses a crossbody in midair for two then hits a brainbuster but is still unable to score the pin. Ricochet cuts Lee off on the top rope and hits a springboard hurricarana. Lee manages to get a nearfall with a small package but Ricochet hits him with the Benadryller then puts him away with a flatliner (14:47) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Good stuff here as Lee is one of the better heels in PWG and Ricochet is one of the smoothest wrestlers on the planet. Ricochet gets a win as this is his first match in PWG since the March show.


PWG Championship Match: Chuck Taylor vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (c)

The crowd is jacked for Taylor, who has been undefeated for the past two years in PWG. Sabre backs Taylor into the corner and pie-faces him. They slug it out for a bit then take it to the mat where Sabre reaches the ropes then cheap shots Taylor with a kick. Sabre works over the leg briefly then mocks Taylor but gets attacked. Taylor uses the Gory Special then squats to make the stretch more painful but Sabre is able to escape and work the arm. Sabre cheap shots Taylor again while in the ropes then starts to take over the match. He roughs up Taylor in the corner but Taylor asks Sabre if that is all he has and puts his arms behind his back. Sabre knocks Taylor down after a few strikes but Taylor comes back with some chops of his own. Taylor hits a Falcon Arrow as Sabre tried a guillotine then stomps away. He slams Sabre, who rolls onto the apron, then eventually takes him down with an enziguiri after Sabre trapped him in the ropes. Taylor heads out to hit some chops then lines up a bunch of chairs but Sabre is able to roll inside. Sabre is able to dropkick Taylor off of the apron and top of the chairs as the crowd rallies behind Taylor so he can beat the twenty count. Taylor is able to make it back inside but Sabre stomps his elbow then starts targeting the knee. Taylor tries to fight back but Sabre boots him into the corner. Sabre hits a pair of charging uppercuts but eats boot on a third attempt. Taylor catches Sabre and places him up top then hits the Awful Waffle but Sabre is just able to kick out as it took Taylor a little too long to make the cover. Sabre counters a second attempt and puts on the European Clutch but Taylor escapes and hits a DDT. He tries to float over but Sabre kicks him then uses a cross armbreaker but Taylor is able to get his foot on the bottom rope. They go back-and-forth until Taylor hits a short piledriver for a two count. Sabre comes back to wrench both of Taylor’s arms back but Taylor was able to maneuver his leg and get his foot on the ropes. Sabre takes the padding off of the bottom rope then grabs a member of the ring crew and forces him to unhook the bottom rope as he is pissed over Taylor using it to save himself. The bottom ropes are off then Sabre uses them to choke out Taylor. Sabre hits a Penalty Kick then Taylor hits a clothesline. Taylor tries for another Awful Waffle but Sabre floats over and uses a triangle hold. Sabre now has Taylor completely stretched out but Taylor used his free leg to reach the middle rope as the fans go nuts. Sabre takes the belt and whacks Taylor then makes the cover but the ref refuses to make the count as the belt shot took place right in front of him. Taylor surprises Sabre with a rollup but Sabre hits him with a low blow but Taylor telling the ref not to DQ Sabre. Sabre boots Taylor in the face then kicks him out of the ring but Taylor reaches underneath the ring to grab a bag. Sabre takes it away and dumps the contents on the mat and it turns out to be thumbtacks. Sabre suplexes Taylor into the thumbtacks and hits the Penalty Kick but Taylor catches a second attempt. Taylor jumps on Sabre’s back but gets dropped into the thumbtacks once again. They are on the mat as Sabre works a triangle sleeper but Taylor deadlifts him for a powerbomb as the crowd goes nuts. Taylor then picks up Sabre and hits the Awful Waffle for the win (29:21) ****. The fans are going out of their minds for the win. Taylor gets a “you deserve it” chant then Trent comes out and gives his friend a hug. Taylor grabs the mic and says his first PWG show was nine years ago and that he will defend this belt for nine more.

Thoughts: Excellent match. I love the story of Sabre being frustrated that he could not put Sabre away on the mat and became obsessed with doing it his way until it cost him the match. The psychology was on point too. A really nice moment for Taylor.


Final Thoughts: 
The title match was excellent and the triple-threat was very good too. Nothing else really stood out that match but this was a better overall show than last month’s Man on the Silver Mountain and a solid offering from PWG, which has had an inconsistent 2017.