Brock Lesnar

So wtf is this new thing with Brocks PPV matches going under 10 mins? If thats the new norm, they should of just ended the last 2 Raw PPVs with Reigns/Stroman and Reigns/Cena. Maybe when Brock signed on for more dates this year, he added that as clause? And btw after the Samoa Joe match and No Mercy, I am no longer excited to see Brock fight anybody anymore as its clear if it isnt Mania, its gonna be a rinse/repeat of his same b------- routine matches.

​In the case of Strowman you don't really want his matches going over 10, either.  But the issue with that match was more that everyone wanted to see a repeat of Summerslam with giant car wreck spots and instead we just kind of got a match.  But yeah, Cena v. Roman should have closed the show, definitely.  
I've been over the Brock thing for a long time now and I think putting the belt on him at Wrestlemania was a terrible idea.  He was clearly wanting out of the wrestling side so he could go back to UFC to be a fighting guy again, and he blew it​ with the drug failure.  So now he just doesn't give a s--- about anything but collecting his money and leaving again.  It was a good run, but it's long past time to move on to someone else.