Arn Anderson

Any insight as to why Arn Anderson never got a main event push? Sure, he didn't have the classic look of a top guy, but he was over, he could talk and he was well known to the audience from hanging out with Flair and the Horsemen his whole career. Outside of the Fall Brawl match with Flair and a couple Nitro matches with Hogan in early '96 he never got much of a shot. 

​He was a good worker and a good talker, but I don't think he ever showed star charisma past the point where he was pushed. I know as a fan in the 80s I never really bought him as a serious challenger to the US title, for example, so I don't think pushing him as a single beyond that level would have worked.  Arn knew his own role in the sport and he played it perfectly.​