Watching No Mercy, I realized something, people may disagree. Brauns aura comes from f------ s--- up. But put him in a regular 1 on 1 match, the auras gone, for instance my bro became a huge Braun fan after Summerslam. He was really looking forward to Braun/Brock. About 5-6 mins into it, he turned to me and said "maybe Braun isnt as good as I thought". That crowd was ready for a fight. They chanted "use the table". They've been trained now to expect a demolition derby with Braun and they got a man who needed the ROPES to escape a submission, got suplexed around, had his finisher killed dead and could'nt kick out of one F-5. I read reports the crowd even booed him after the match. So now what? He's fueded with everyone but Balor. Least they could of done was make Brock have to literally break his neck or something to beat him.

​They're telling STORIES, though.  The story they're telling is that everyone wants to pay money to see Brock Lesnar keep the title for six more months and never defend it, then lose it to Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania so they can coronate him for the fourth year in a row and THIS TIME IT'LL STICK, PAL.  Honestly, Vince could probably give two shits about Braun Strowman because he's not Roman Reigns and doesn't help Reigns get over by winning the title, and it's as simple as that.  ​