Monster Problems

Hi Scott,

With Stroman taking the clean, massively anti-climactic fall, and Nia Jaxx once more getting pushed into a title shot and coming up short, what's with the WWE's hesitancy to pull the trigger on new monsters?

This used to be the thing they'd do really well, or just by default (Khali), and now you have this giant woman who's always presented as a threat but is always overcome, and their hottest, best built star in years now has now lost some big time shine.

Is this just situation and wrestler specific?  Is it some kind of backstage shift?  Is creative having trouble figuring out how to book a monster with a title?  I'm baffled here.

(BTW, although Brock definitely qualifies as a monster, he came into his most recent push an established beast, so not including him as an argument.)

Thanks again for Ranting through this stuff, even when the booking is as ridiculous as it has been.

​I'm also at a loss about the Nia Jax thing and why they even wanted her in the match if she wasn't going to win. Originally it was announced as Sasha Banks getting her rematch and then we suddenly moved to a Nia turning on Alexa angle, which led to a 5-way match where Bayley took the fall when Emma was right there. 
The Braun thing is equally mystifying, mostly because they would have turned him babyface by now if it was even 10 years ago, but in our post-Reigns world they stubbornly have to keep him heel so as not to overshadow Roman while we build to the match that literally no one wants to see at Wrestlemania.  ​