Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I am wondering if there is a planned tribute on RAW tonight for the killing of Braun Strowman’s career? Ha. Just kidding, RAW never thinks that far ahead. Besides he’d better lay down for Curt Hawkins before he leaves!

Anyway it’s post-No Mercy. Seems like Scott liked it enough (two ****+ and one ***1/2 is pretty much a thumbs up) but the rest of you had a sour taste in your mouth after Brock’s clean-as-a-whistle victory over Braun. Luckily for you the ratings for tonight’s show will suck going against a Dallas Cowboys MNF game and Dancing with the Stars.

In other news Jeff Hardy will be on the shelf for a bit with a torn rotator cuff and Cesaro probably won’t work tonight because he’s going to have some form of oral surgery tomorrow after busting his grill last night.

Other TV, season premieres for Big Bang Theory AND The Voice. Also if you are a history buff, war buff or buff of both you should already be watching the PBS series on the Vietnam War. It is riveting.

Keep it clean!