Undertaker a politician?

Hi Scott,

I've been reading a discussion under some reader question here and someone asked about Taker ever being a politician.

I thought this is interesting – IWC uniformly accepts that HHH, Hogan, Cena, etc. were hogging the spotlight, using leverage, holding talent down, whatever. But Taker is never brought up in conversations like this.

Why is that? It's not like Taker is some giving guy that has been putting over guys left and right.  For example clean jobs – how many has Taker done? Like maybe 20 in his entire 25 year WWE career?

Has Taker ever been known for throwing his weight around and if not how did he manage to be as protected as he has?

I remember IWC disliked him strongly during the 2000-2003 run, but it sort of turned around with his return to the Deadman gimmick.

​You can't really criticize him for not doing jobs, since he lost all the time in the 90s, especially during his biggest babyface period where he was challenging Yokozuna.  He would routinely lose his "specialty" match, and put over Mankind several times.  
That being said, he did have quite a few famous moments of dickery, like refusing to put over Brock Lesnar in 2002 and wanting to do it in the Hell in a Cell match instead.  But he certainly wasn't as blatant about it as others, mostly because are YOU gonna argue with Undertaker?​