Sid vs. Sabu

Hey Scott,

I was just watching ECW Hardcore Heaven 1999, and they had Sabu accidentally put Sid through a table during some clusterfuck. I can only assume that we were getting Sabu vs. Sid at some point, until Sid jumped to WCW the next month.

Talk about being deprived of a trainwreck-and-a-half – had Botchamania been around in 1999, Maffew would've thought it was his birthday when ECW started teasing that. I'll bet we'd be talking about the match today with Heroes of Wrestling-esque tones ("Yeah, that match.")

Can you think of anything else that was teased or rumored (especially in your Observer research) that would have shattered the Scale of Unintentional Comedy on a Sid/Sabu level, had it actually been delivered?

​I dunno, Sid/Sabu would be hard to top.  They did the babyface turn of Giant Gonzalez just before he left in 1993, which would have given us a likely house show run of Adam Bomb v. Giant Gonzalez and that would have been right up there as well.  ​