Mid-South Wrestling – January 27th, 1983

January 27, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Paul Boesch

This week Stagger Lee will defend the North American Heavyweight Title against Ted DiBiase, Chavo Guerrero will face Matt Borne, and more!


Tom Renesto Jr. vs. Tim Horner

These two were on opposite sides of a tag match last week, with Horner pinning Renesto. Boesch puts Horner over for getting some buzz as Horner takes control early. Horner hits an atomic drop then works the arm. Horner keeps kipping up as Renesto yanks him down and goes back to the arm after that. Renesto takes over briefly but Horner fights back. Horner hits a flying forearm then uses a Thesz Press to get the win (3:54).

Thoughts: Horner did fine but Renesto was a slug in the ring. Anyway, this is the second week in a row that saw Horner come up victorious as he seems to be getting a lower card push.


Skandor Akbar is at the desk and wants us to see how Kamala destroyed Iron Mike Sharpe in Houston.


Kamala vs. Iron Mike Sharpe

Akbar narrates the match. Kamala attacks Sharpe before the bell then brutalizes him in the corner. He heads outside to inflict more punishment then Sharpe manages a tiny bit of offense when they return inside but Kamala fires away. Kamala continues to destroy Sharpe, who is now busted open. Kamala rakes the forehead of Sharpe and chokes him out on the mat then hits a slam before hitting a pair of splashes for the win (6:31) *1/2. After the match airs, Akbar is at the desk saying Kamala is the most devastating athlete he has ever managed.

Thoughts: A total squash. Sharpe was on his way out of Mid-South and Kamala was getting the monster push so having this shown on Mid-South TV should not be a surprise.


Ted DiBiase is in the ring, flanked by Jim Duggan & Matt Borne. Stagger Lee has still yet to arrive as DiBiase wants to know who he will be facing. Grizzly Smith comes to the ring to say Lee has not arrived but has someone who wants to challenge DiBiase as the Junkyard Dog’s music plays and he comes out on street clothes and starts firing away. Borne & Duggan run in as the Rat Pack eventually outnumber JYD but Tony Atlas and Mr. Wrestling II run out for the save and clear the ring.


Don Bass vs. “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas

Bass starts firing away after the bell then rakes the eyes. Atlas catches Bass with a backdrop then hits a slam as he starts to run wild. He hits a pair of dropkicks and soon after that puts Bass away with a splash (1:28).

Thoughts: An easy win for Atlas as he continues to get pushed, presumably for another shot at Duggan’s Louisiana Heavyweight Title.


Kelly Kiniski & Marty Lunde vs. Buddy Landel & Tony Torres

Landel and Lunde start things off as Landel works a side headlock. Kiniski tags and catches Landel with a knee smash then works a chinlock as Boesch puts him over as a top young prospect. Lunde is back in and starts to soften up the neck of Landel. Torres tags in but Kiniski grounds him with a chinlock for a while. Kiniski & Lunde start beating on Torres in the corner but Torres is able to escape and make the tag. Landel briefly roughs up Kiniski but Torres tags back in and gets beat down and Kiniski gets the win with a back suplex (5:55) *1/2.

Thoughts: The heat segment on Torres was too long and dull. These guys seemed to be out here just to fill time though.


Before the Guerrero vs. Borne match, DiBiase heads back in the ring and says he is taking his lawyers to the Mid-South President and Grizzly Smith as he demands a title match against Stagger Lee and if not, he should win the title via forfeit.


Matt Borne vs. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo takes over with a chinlock after some back-and-forth stuff. Chavo hits a slam then bounces on his foot to follow Borne, who was rolling away, and drops an elbow. They slug it out from their knees until Borne uses a mat slam. Borne goes to work and gets a two count with a knee drop before using a chinlock of his own. Chavo escapes but Borne catches him with a knee smash. Chavo is able to fight back and hit a suplex for two then lands a few punches. Borne ducks a crossbody then picks Chavo up but in the process Chavo’s leg knocks the referee outside. Borne then locks on a full nelson as Duggan is in with his hlemet and goes for a spear but ducks as Borne is hit instead. Chavo gets outnumbered and Duggan pins him down while Borne climbs up top but Atlas comes out for the save and they brawl until the ref gets up and rings the bell for the DQ (6:05) *3/4.

Thoughts: The match was forgettable but the main focus here was the finish as they continue to heat up the Atlas/Duggan feud.


Tug Taylor & Joe Stark vs. Mr. Wrestling II & Art Crews

Crews grounds Stark with a side headlock to start. Mr. Wrestling tags in and also uses a side headlock on Stark. Pierce informs us that Andre the Giant will be here next week then Crews tags back in but gets beat on by Taylor. Taylor & Stark cut off the ring but Crews fights back and tags out. Mr. Wrestling beats the crap out of Stark then hits a slam for the win, just before curfew (3:58).

Thoughts: Ugly stuff and the finish was a mess too as it seemed they went too long so Mr. Wrestling had to frantically slam Stark quickly then make the pin. Wonder why he got stuck with these three guys?


Final Thoughts: The big news was that JYD is back from suspension and Stagger Lee is nowhere to be found. Other than that, they hyped up the Duggan/Atlas feud and are giving Kamala a push but the the action on this show was underwhelming.