1994 Questions


Keep up the killer work! 

Just got a few questions in regards to 1994 PPVs:

1). How come Taker v Taker at Summerslam 94 went on last and not the Owen-Bret Cage match? Why wouldn't the title cage match go on last as the main event?

2). At Mania 10, what would have happened if Luger lost the coin toss and Hart would've had to fight Yoko first? How would it have played out?

​1.  Vince thought that the Taker match had the most mainstream interest and thus was the main event, whereas Owen was pretty much a midcarder by that point and it was just wrapping up the storyline so Bret could move onto something else.

2.  Like, is this a storyline question or a real one?  In reality, the coin was gimmicked and Luger was winning either way.  In storyline, if Bret had won the coin toss, Luger would have faced Crush first, which they announced on TV beforehand.  ​