What the World Was Watching: The Action Zone – May 21, 1995

A video package hypes today’s Sid-Bob Holly feature match, with Sid saying that Holly has made the biggest mistake of his life by agreeing to face him.

Jim Ross and Todd Pettengill are doing commentary and they are inaugurating a new set of tapings in Springfield, Massachusetts.  The tapings were held on May 17 and drew 2,800 fans according to historyofwwe.com.

Opening Contest:  The Undertaker (w/Paul Bearer) (4-0) pins Mike Bell after the Tombstone at 1:56:

The Undertaker has been used very sporadically in 1995 due to injuries but it is time to give him more air time because of his feud with Kama over the urn.  The Undertaker chokeslams Bell twice in a row, holding onto his throat in between both moves like Eddie Guerrero’s Three Amigos, and remains undefeated in 1995 after the Tombstone.  After the match, the Undertaker and Bearer put Bell in a body bag.

Ross and Pettengill recap Bret Hart’s matches with Hakushi and Jerry Lawler at In Your House.  Bret cuts a promo saying that Lawler has embarrassed him in front of his family and fans and he vows to confront him tomorrow night on Monday Night RAW.

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Hunter-Hearst Helmsley (2-0) defeats Bert Centeno with the Pedigree at 3:48:

Helmsley wrestles slowly, complaining about touching Centeno, and there is a hilarious sequence where Centeno just starts running out of nowhere and Helmsley almost forgets to make a motion to give the impression that he is tossing Centeno out of the ring.  However, this match is significant because it is the debut of the Pedigree as Helmsley’s finisher.

Footage of Matt Pomposelli winning the house at In Your House is shown.

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The Bushwhackers (3-0) beat Barry Horowitz & The Brooklyn Brawler after Butch pins the Brawler after the Battering Ram at 1:32 shown:

It is easy to forget that the Bushwhackers are still part of the roster since they only make sporadic appearances on the weekend shows but here they are again, quickly demolishing Horowitz and the Brawler with their “unorthodox style.”

We get a recap of Bob Backlund announcing that he is considering running for president on RAW.

King Kong Bundy (w/Ted DiBiase) (12-2) defeats Tim McNeeny after an elbow drop at 1:54:

Bundy is facing Shawn Michaels in a King of the Ring qualifier on RAW so he needs a “warm up” win, which he gets after avalanching McNeeny and hitting an elbow drop.

Ross and Pettengill recap the WWF title match at In Your House between Diesel and Sid and how the outcome of that match and events on RAW are going to give us a tag match at King of the Ring pitting Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow against Sid and Tatanka.

Sid (w/Ted DiBiase) (1-1) beats Bob Holly (6-5-1) after a powerbomb at 8:13:

Holly has done well for himself lately, nearing winning the Intercontinental title, coming close to regaining the tag team titles with the 1-2-3 Kid, and qualifying for the King of the Ring Tournament.  However, he is facing Sid here, who is feuding with the WWF champion, so he has no chance.  Tatanka comes down to ringside halfway through the bout to remind the audience that he and Sid are buddies but his interference is not needed as Sid kips up out of a headscissors and finishes Holly off with his chokeslam-powerbomb combination.  This is one of the longest squash matches that you will ever see.  Rating:  ½*

Ross and Pettengill recap the handicap match at In Your House between Razor Ramon and Jeff Jarrett and the Roadie, as well as the debut of Savio Vega.  Savio helping Ramon win his King of the Ring qualifying match on Superstars yesterday is shown.

Aldo Montoya (8-4) pins Nick Barberri after a springboard flying bulldog at 2:32:

They should have had Montoya attack Savio Vega for a feud as Savio usurped Montoya’s shot at glory by making a successful save for Razor Ramon at In Your House.  At least that would have been a nice way for Montoya to ditch the jockstrap-like mask that destroyed his career and relegated him to the lower midcard.  And just imagine, if Montoya made a successful save at In Your House maybe we never see Savio and that changes the face of the WWF forever!  Montoya showcases his usual high-flying moves, finishing Barberri in less than three minutes, his first win since being destroyed by Sid a little less than a month ago.

Tune in next week to see Savio Vega face Eli Blu!  Also, the Allied Powers will be in action!

The Last Word:  If you expected the Holly-Sid match to be competitive, which I did since Holly nearly won the Intercontinental title a few weeks ago, you were sadly mistaken.  I understand that they wanted to keep Sid strong for an eventual rematch with Diesel, but having him destroy Holly like that accomplished little since Holly had already qualified for the King of the Ring Tournament and that was the focus of the next pay-per-view.

There was one additional bout that aired on Wrestling Challenge:

*The Blu Brothers (6-1-2) defeated Ross Greenberg & Brian Walsh

The company was in the midst of an international tour, especially in Canada, and here were some results of those shows, which featured some Intercontinental title changes (courtesy of historyofwwe.com):

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – The Forum – May 19, 1995 (8,500):  Tekno Team 2000 defeated Tom Prichard & Barry Horowitz…Tatanka pinned Bob Holly…Jean-Pierre LaFitte pinned Jerry Lawler.  Lawler had won the match with his feet on the ropes but another referee disputed the finish and the match was restarted (For those wondering why LaFitte was wrestling another heel note that he was wrestling as a babyface in Quebec, which was his hometown)…Man Mountain Rock defeated Mantaur…The Blu Brothers beat the New Headshrinkers after Uncle Zebekiah interfered…WWF Champion Diesel pinned Sid…Bret Hart defeated Hakushi via submission to the Sharpshooter…Razor Ramon beat Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett in a ladder match to win the title.

Manila, Philippines – Araneta Coliseum – May 21, 1995:  Doink defeated Kwang…Kama pinned Aldo Montoya after a powerslam…Henry Godwinn beat Duke Droese…King Kong Bundy pinned Adam Bomb…The Smoking Gunns defeated Men on a Mission…Shawn Michaels beat IRS via count out…The Allied Powers beat WWF Tag Team Champions Owen Hart & Yokozuna via disqualification…The Undertaker pinned Bam Bam Bigelow.

Trois Riveres, Quebec, Canada – The Colisee – May 21, 1995:  Tekno Team 2000 defeated Tom Prichard & Barry Horowitz…Man Mountain Rock beat Mantaur…Tatanka defeated Bob Holly…The Blu Brothers beat the New Headshrinkers…Jean-Pierre LaFitte beat Scott Taylor…Jeff Jarrett beat Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon to win the title…Bret Hart beat Hakushi via submission to the Sharpshooter…WWF Champion Diesel beat Sid.

And here was some news about the WWF for the week of May 14 to 21, 1995 (courtesy of The Wrestling Observer from May 29, 1995):

*Vince McMahon gave a “pep talk” to talent at Titan Towers on May 18.  McMahon announced that the company lost $3.8 million in 1994 but that a turnaround can happen because 20% of Americans have access to pay-per-view and this can increase the number of customers buying WWF shows.  J.J. Dillon told wrestlers that a new drug testing policy would be used, classifying marijuana on the same level as steroids and cocaine.  The policy will be “three strikes” with offenses resulting in a six-week suspension, rehab, and termination and the company is aiming to tighten how it treats the use of prescription drugs by talent, demanding paperwork if a wrestler needs a doctor’s approval for medication.  Meltzer reports that wrestlers were not happy with Dillon’s announcement, with some wondering if they should use alcohol due to the hectic travel schedule.

*The WWF is exploring the possibility of getting Bob Backlund on a presidential primary ballot in New Hampshire as part of his new gimmick.

*Lawrence Taylor splitting with his agent Steve Rozzner was reportedly due to some disagreements about whether Taylor should have participated in WrestleMania XI.

Up Next:  Monday Night RAW from May 22, 1995!