Shotgun Saturday Night

Even though most of these things on the WWE Network surveys never come to fruition, I have to admit I was incredibly excited just reading them mention the idea of a weekly "edgy" TV-14 show as one of the options. I know, I know we're completely overkilled with the amount of content each week. However, they could make this so completely unique that I believe people would love it.

Remember the awesome original, short lived format of Shotgun Saturday Night? They have all the resources to mimic that exact look and feel of that. If your readers may not know, the original format took place live in NYC nightclubs and looked unlike anything the company ever produced. The opening video of the show also featured the "American Bad Ass" character of the Undertaker well over 3 years before it ever debuted on RAW. However, they quickly scrapped the format because of costs and ran the tired, old taping before RAW crap instead.

This would obviously be on the premium tier of the WWE Network. Turn Full Sail into a nightclub atmosphere, complete with fans sitting at tables and a bar setup. No LED video walls, no highly produced entrance music. The color commentators sit on bar stools at ringside. Scantily clad dancers in the background. Vulgar language, edgy adult storylines. Super hot chick as one of the commentators like Sunny on the original Shotgun Saturday Night. Do things completely different.

I'd be willing to bet this show would consistently be the most viewed show on the network by a mile. It'd be huge for them.

​Maybe, I dunno.  I admit I'm out of touch with the common fan these days and what the kids are into, because my survey responses were basically "GIVE ME ALL THE WRESTLING" and "F--- NO" to every choice that started with "New scripted content" or whatever wacky VR b------- they were talking about.  What I wish is that they'd buy out, or at the very least partner with, New Japan World and just bring all THAT content over to the WWE Network UI because then I could watch it easily and I'd happily give WWE my 999 Yen a month on top of what I'm already paying them.  ROH?  Sure.  TNA?  Why not.  House shows?  Hell yeah.  Tournaments?  You know it, son.  I would happily, HAPPILY pay more for all of that without a complaint.  Buy the Lucha Underground back catalog while you're at it, WWE.  I likely can't review it all, but I can sure as hell try.​