Why was Eric Bischoff so willing to work for Vince McMahon in 2002? I'd always been under the impression that while he had an onscreen role in WCW, that he was primarily a business guy. Yet he signed with WWE purely in an onscreen role with no business or creative role to go with it. I know he didn't need the money. Was he such a great guy that he did it just because he knew the fans would enjoy it? He sure saw no need to "protect" his character, letting himself get constantly humiliated.  Was he hoping it would grow into something more? And could you have seen Vince McMahon doing something like that if WCW had won the Monday Night Wars?

​I don't see Vince doing that, no.  But then Vince never saw Eric as being on the same level as him, anyway.  As for Bischoff's WWE run, he's always said that it was just a business relationship, and he probably enjoyed playing the on-screen character without having to deal with the headaches of responsibility.  ​