Big Brother Results?!! (Spoilers, Obviously)

What’s your take on the season and the finale?
Are we going in the direction of the Sore Loser Jury? Nobody played a better game than Paul, but in the end a guy who many said they had no respect for wins?!
And Cody is America’s Favorite Houseguest? I guess it will make for a good future episode of Making a Murderer. 

I was so over Paul and his puppetmastery of those numbskulls by August, and apparently so was production judging by the SHADE thrown at him by Julie after his epic choke.  When everyone in the house is throwing comps to you and you're still such a douchebag that you alienate the entire jury on the way out, you've done something wrong. The Cody vote was clearly America's Revenge, too. 
Anyway, it was easily one of the worst seasons due to the sheep factor and Josh winning by virtue of Not Being Paul.  Now watch them bring back Christmas for another go next year.