What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – May 20, 1995

Vince McMahon and Dok Hendrix are doing commentary and they are kicking off a new set of tapings in Danbury, Connecticut.  These tapings were held on May 16 and attracted 1,800 fans according to historyofwwe.com.

Opening Contest:  The Smoking Gunns (10-2-1) beat Mike Khoury & Bob Cook after Billy pins Khoury after the Sidewinder at 3:18:

Hendrix floats the idea that the Smoking Gunns want a two-out-of-three falls match against Owen Hart and Yokozuna for the tag team titles, something that did happen on the house show loop in the weeks ahead. The Gunns let the jobbers get the upper hand for a few moments in the early going but after Khoury is tagged in he gets dominated, suffering elbow drops and leg drops at will from the former WWF tag teams champions.  After losing at In Your House the Gunns have no one to feud with and it is hard to see how they would deserve yet another title shot when the Allied Powers are undefeated and have beaten all of the heel teams in the division.

McMahon and Hendrix recap the WWF title match at In Your House between Diesel and Sid and Ted DiBiase’s challenge to Bam Bam Bigelow to face Sid and Tatanka with a tag team partner, which Bigelow said on RAW would be Diesel.

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Jean-Pierre LaFitte (5-0) pins John Crystal after Le Cannonball at 3:23:

It seems difficult for Crystal to work with LaFitte here as LaFitte has difficulty setting up a suplex and then tying Crystal in the ropes for his splash spot (a spot that some wrestler today should steal).  McMahon announces that Bret Hart will be confronting Jerry Lawler on RAW this coming week as LaFitte gets a nice reaction for going three-quarters of the way across the ring to deliver a guillotine leg drop.  Le Cannonball finishes and based on the reaction, which seemed legitimate, the aerial maneuvers are quickly getting LaFitte over.

Stephanie Wiand does her best to sell the New York house show circuit in June.

Skip and Sunny remind us that we are all out of shape and that we need to get up and fix it.

Man Mountain Rock plays for us as Hendrix alludes to his Michael P.S. Hayes days by saying Rock’s playing “makes you wish for long hair.”

Man Mountain Rock (8-0) defeats Bill Payne via submission to the Whammy Bar at 2:16:

Rock has been around for a while now but does not have a storyline.  Even on house shows he is just wrestling other lower midcarders such as Kwang.  Payne tries to capitalize on a missed elbow drop but his blows are relatively ineffective and the Whammy Bar gives Rock another win over a jobber.

A recap of Bob Backlund announcing that he is contemplating running for president on RAW is shown.  Hendrix says that Ross Perot might be Backlund’s running mate.

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A video package puts over Shawn Michaels, who will return on RAW to face King Kong Bundy in a King of the Ring qualifying match.

Mantaur (w/Jim Cornette) (13-3) pins Gary Scott after a powerslam at 1:51:

Joe Salvador is our guest fan ring announcer and for a young fan he does good work, although the editing immediately puts Mantaur in the ring instead of making an entrance.  As is the case with the WWF in this era, a talent that loses a feature match is immediately put over an enhancement talent to rebuild their momentum and that is what happens here as Scott tries to copy what Bob Holly did on RAW.  However, this time Mantaur catches Scott’s flying body press with a vicious powerslam and wins.  Due to the pace of the match and the intensity shown, this was arguably Mantaur’s best match to date.

Nice piano music reminds us that the WWF Hall of Fame ceremony will take place on June 24, 1995.

Uncle Zebekiah warns Razor Ramon that he will be in for the fight of his life today against Jacob Blu in a King of the Ring qualifying match.

McMahon and Hendrix recap the handicap match between Razor Ramon and Jeff Jarrett and the Roadie at In Your House.  They also discuss the debut of Savio Vega at the show and segments of Vega’s crazy promo in English and Spanish on RAW are aired.

King of the Ring Qualifying Match:  Razor Ramon (11-2-1) beats Jacob Blu (w/Uncle Zebekiah & Eli Blu) with a rollup at 7:46 shown:

The WWF is so low on heels, or at least heels that can absorb a loss, that they are forced to put one-half of the Blu Brothers into the King of the Ring Tournament.  Ramon was the runner-up in the previous King of the Ring Tournament but McMahon and Hendrix ignore this piece of history on commentary.  The crowd is very engaged in the match, a testament to how over Ramon is, but Jacob lacks the moveset to keep the heel part of the match interesting on his own.  As expected, the Blus cheat, although they do not try their illegal switch spot, and this leads to Savio Vega taking out the heels on the floor – laying out Zebekiah with a really impressive looking big boot – with Ramon capitalizing on the distraction to qualify for the tournament for the third straight year.  Rating:  *½

Stephanie Wiand tells us that Razor Ramon recently won the Intercontinental title in Montreal from Jeff Jarrett.  She then hypes Ramon’s appearances in June at house shows.  Diesel and Bam Bam Bigelow cut promos for their matches on the tour.

Tune in next week to see Duke Droese face Kama in a King of the Ring qualifying match!  Also, Techno Team 2000 makes their debut and Shawn Michaels squares off against Tom Prichard!

The Last Word:  Ramon is the first big star in the King of the Ring Tournament, giving some much needed depth to the field because Mabel and Bob Holly are midcarders.  Mantaur’s squash was good but it appears to be too little, too late for him, while LaFitte and Rock are just looking for something to do besides destroying jobbers on a regular basis.  Next week’s show looks promising but the company is in a desperate need for new heels as all the new turns and debuts are for babyfaces.

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