Monday Night Open Mic

“Now I’ve got the opportunity to come out here and be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame of Wrestling. Something I’ve loved all my life. Yeah, I got three bucks. Why did I stay? It was a job, I had to. I was feeding my mother, my grandmother and my aunt. I had to feed people. And myself. So you just stayed. So it wasn’t the money and it wasn’t because the people I had to feed. Because I love this. I love you and I love them. That’s what it’s about. That’s what the whole thing is about!”

— Bobby “The Brain” Heenan (2004 Hall of Fame Speech)

For the millions of one-liners (and I swear they have all been repeated in the past 24 hours) that’s probably the one that touches me the most. It’s unfortunate he dealt with problems that didn’t allow him to do what he loved to do, what he was put on earth today, over the last several years before his death.

Anyway RAW is live tonight, I expect they will have a wonderful tribute to Heenan and they have promoted Alexa Bliss vs. Nia Jax as a main portion of the card. Apparently Cena nor Brock are advertised. Pretty sure Cena was on the tour of China so that makes sense.

As for other things on TV. Monday Night Football is Giants vs. Lions and Dancing With the Stars premieres so my DVR will be full.

You ham and eggers keep it clean!