Mid-South Wrestling – January 20th, 1983

January 20, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Paul Boesch

In action this week are Tony Atlas, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, and the main event is Stagger Lee vs. Ted DiBiase for the North American Heavyweight Title.


Pierce tells us that Lee has yet to arrive.


We are shown an interview where Bill Watts is with the Junkyard Dog. He mentions how is suspension ends on January 24th as JYD talks about visiting his family and traveling during his time off. Watts wants to know if he has heard from Lee, who he has never known to be late. After that we are shown footage of DiBiase attacking Stagger Lee in the ring. That ends as JYD tells us he is in great shape and his main goal is to get revenge on DiBiase. They have set the tone early in the show and that is having us question the whereabouts of Stagger Lee.


Marty Lunde & Tom Renesto Jr. vs. Tim Horner & Art Crews

Lunde and Horner start off the match. Lunde bails after Horner gets the best of him then regroups with his partner. He backs Horner into the corner but Horner escapes and takes him down with an arm drag. Both men tag out then Crews catches Renesto with a slam off of a criss-cross sequence. Renesto whips Crews into the corner as his team is now cutting off the ring. Crews slides undeneath Renesto and hits a dropkick before tagging out. Horner runs wild then the match breaks down until Horner puts Renesto away with a Thesz Press (3:45).

Thoughts: Both Lunde and Horner looked good here but these were four lower card guys that did not get much in terms of fan reaction. At least they featured some younger talent.


Mr. Wrestling II vs. Tully Blanchard

This was is from Houston Wrestling and joined in progress. Mr. Wrestling II works a side headlock for a bit until Tully runs Mr. Wrestling into the referee. Tully hits a top rope elbow smash then goes after the mask but Mr. Wrestling goes nuts and fights back. He tosses the ref across the ring then continues to destroy Tully. Mr. Wrestling tosses the referee outside then sends Tully outside with a power knee lift as the bell rings for the DQ (3:01). Mr. Wrestling wins a slugfest then hits a few more power knee lifts. The fans cheer for Mr. Wrestling as he invites Tully back inside then Tully rolls back out and backs away as another ref restrains Mr. Wrestling. Tully gets back inside and tries to attack Mr. Wrestling again but it fails as Mr. Wrestling knocks him down as Tully does a fantastic job in selling this attack as the fans go nuts.

Thoughts: A good way to establish just how insane protective Mr. Wrestling II is of his mask and to see the result when someone tries to mess with him.


We now have Bill Watts interviewing Mr. Wrestling II, who talks about how its a mistake if you after his mask. Mr. Wrestling then shows us a letter that says he is not much without his knee and the doll that was left as he pulls out $1,000 from his wallet as a reward for finding the person that is doing this to him. They’ve advanced this mystery person storyline by having Mr. Wrestling II put out a bounty on the culprit.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Buddy Landel

They end up in a stalemate after some back-and-forth stuff but Duggan is then able to back Landel into the corner and kick away. Duggan works a hammerlock on the mat then hits a shoulderbreaker for a nearfall. Duggan rams Landel into the corner a few times then drops him across the top rope before getting the win with a spear (2:13).

Thoughts: An easy win for Duggan as he continues to get a strong push as the Louisiana Heavyweight Champion.


Watts is with Ted DiBiase, who is pissed off that Stagger Lee is not here. He then informs us that DiBiase will now team with Matt Borne to face Don Bass & Joe Stark but DiBiase demands to know what is going on as he saw the Junkyard Dog today here but not Stagger Lee. DiBiase talks about he had exposed Junkyard Dog in the Superdome but Mid-South covered it up, more than Nixon did with Watergate. Watts reminds us that Lee & JYD were both present when Tony Atlas was bench pressing. I liked the segment as they were still able to cast a tiny bit of doubt as to whether or not Lee and JYD were the same person with Watts bringing up the fact they were both present together. Its also good to see DiBiase get pissed and frustrated after he screwed over his friend in JYD several months back by cheating to beat him for the North American Heavyweight Title.


Kelly Kiniski vs. Tony Torres

Boesch puts over the improvements Kiniski has made over the past few months. Torres hits a few arm drags then works the arm for a bit. Kiniski fights back and hits a backbreaker for a two count then applies a chinlock. Torres fights out but gets caught with a dropkick then Kiniski goes back to the chinlock before putting Torres away with a back suplex (3:05).

Thoughts: Nothing too exciting here. Kiniski was dull and Torres was really just enhancement talent at the time.


Ted DiBiase & Matt Borne vs. Don Bass & Joe Stark

Borne gets the bets of Stark to start off the match. DiBiase tags and hits him with a knee smash. Bass tags in but runs into a knee smash as the champs cut off the ring until DiBiase gets the win with a powerslam (2:46).

Thoughts: The champs dominated this match as they took out their frustrations against their inferior opponents.


“Mr. USA” Tony Atlas vs. Tug Taylor

Taylor attacks Atlas during the ring introductions as Chavo Guerrero is now on commentary. Atlas fights back as Chavo brings up how a girl at a restaurant asked him about his physique and puts over his success in bodybuilding and pro wrestling. Atlas hits a dropkick then a slam before locking on a sleeper as that gets the win (3:29).

Thoughts: This match was ugly but Atlas really stood out apart from everyone else with his physique and it helped him get over.


Pierce asks Chavo about Gino Hernandez, who claims he ran him out of Texas. Chavo says he came to Mid-South to deal with Gino, who insulted him and the Guerrero name. Chavo said that Gino got in his head for a bit but is now focused on Jim Duggan. Pierce then closes out the show by hyping up next week’s DiBiase vs. Lee match and tells us Chavo will face Matt Borne.


Final Thoughts: I thought this was a good show. They advanced key storylines and set up next week with two big matches. The in-ring stuff was forgettable but the rest was quite good.


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