Meltzer the Hypocrite

Hi Scott,

Isn't it just a slight bit hypocritical for Meltzer to complain about dangerous pro wrestling matches while praising strong-style japanese style wrestling?

He'll nitpick a WWE match to death, then give 25 5* matches to Misawa who was so utter destroyed by these matches, he died from them.

I'm actually kind of annoyed by this, since he obviously knows the style he's promoting isn't sustainable while demeaning a working style that will A) lead to wrestler having safer careers and B) might actually lead to them getting jobs in WWF.

​Dude, you're kind of all over the place with this one.  Short answer to what I think you're getting at:  Meltzer was constantly, constantly calling out guys like Shibata for being too dangerous, and has said many times that it was a miracle Kobashi and Misawa made it as long as they did. However, Dave and everyone else is also allowed to think it's a great match while disapproving of the methods of having the match.  I love me some veal cutlets but I don't especially like to think about where they come from. There's a name for people who don't eat meat on moral principles, and it's called "Crazy person".