What if Strowman wins?

Hi Scott, 

I want to dream for a moment that Braun Strowman actually wins the universal title at No Mercy and we're not really going to get Lesnar-Reigns (again) at Mania…

How do we get there if that's the case? I would think Reigns somehow goads the Undertaker into a Career Match to put him into retirement for real. Where does that leave Strowman & Lesnar, assuming they blow off their feud by Survivor Series and Brock doesn't go into seclusion until January. Do we get Strowman-Cena? Lesnar-Angle? 

What say you, Sir?

​I feel like Strowman winning the Royal Rumble and then beating Brock at Wrestlemania is the biggest thing they've got in their pocket, so I'm still mystified as to why they're actually doing this match here. Strowman has every hallmark of being exactly the kind of guy that Vince loves to push, and they've protected him like crazy, but that Roman Reigns bottleneck is still there.  Really, Strowman is the guy who can play the Lesnar role of the monster champion where contenders line up one after another and get smashed, but also HE'S THERE EVERY WEEK.  It's the best of both worlds.​