Scott………here's some random questions for you.

1.  I'm not familiar with Junkyard Dog at all outside of his mid-late 80's WWF run.  I have however read and I think I remember you saying before that he was a huge draw (for Bill Watts?)………can you elaborate more – when was he over, what got him over, and who'd he draw $ against?

2.  I know how much you love the Flair/Sting angle from Halloween havoc 95 and rightfully so.  My question is this – should there have been a better blowoff for it?  I know Sting beat Flair at the next ppv but it seems looking back that maybe they could have gotten more out of the awesome Flair double cross???

3.  What's the best example that jumps out to you if someone getting a big push based off of 1 match.  In other words wrestler x went out and had an amazing match with someone and after the match they were viewed in a completely different light.

​1. He was most over in Mid-South around 1982-84, and basically there was this giant demographic of black kids in Louisiana who were looking for a superhero and didn't have anyone to cheer for, and Dog was the right guy in the right place at the right time. The biggest money feud was with the Freebirds, but he also made money against the Midnight Express, and then got heavily into drugs and was never the same wrestler by the time he got to the WWF.  Watts also spent the next few years chasing the same reaction with other guys like Tony Atlas and Ron Simmons in WCW, and never could duplicate that, either.
2. Yeah, unfortunately it was pretty obvious they were moving Flair in another direction after Starrcade, because Sting trying to take out the new Horsemen one by one would have been a fun storyline.
3. Kidman v. Juvy the night after Fall Brawl '98.  Instantly got Kidman over as a top level cruiserweight instead of the weird guy scratching himself at ringside.  ​