You've said in the past that NXT could be split into two separate rosters with all the developmental talent they have and Indy stars coming into the fold. What do you think of this idea?

– Absorb 205 Live into NXT, rebrand CW title to Network Championship

– Create a second one hour weekly show

Network Championship is the main title on the second show, let's say Thursday at 8PM. 

Wednesday roster – NXT Championship & Women's title

Thursday roster – Network Championship & Tag Titles

Guys like Strong and Ohno are so lost in the shuffle that they could be on the second show in the Network title picture. There's constantly going to be an influx of talent coming in. You have to figure with the current NXT roster, MYC women coming in, developmental guys, cruiserweights, and UK guys…they could easily fill out two rosters. A nice blend of Indy stars and home grown guys on both rosters. They could share TakeOver specials.

​Honestly, I feel like that would start watering down the NXT brand a lot.  I don't want MORE TV content to have to watch, I want less.  NXT's weekly TV has become pretty inessential as it is, and adding another title and splitting it over two nights would completely kill off my interest.  I do agree that 205 Live is a dead issue and needs to die, but I think replacing it with "The Women's Revolution" or something like that would be a better idea.  You could move the NXT Women's division off the NXT brand completely and use all the talent signed from the tournament to fill up the hour. Plus it's much easier to give a women's show a unique voice, for obvious reasons.  Unlike 205 Live, which is filled with guys who do the same s--- as the heavyweights do on RAW but with worse angles.   ​