The Wednesday Wackness

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the Halloween Havoc ’93 rant and my tag team list from the Sporting News.  I’ve had a bunch of requests for the WWE Unreleased DVD set as a Coliseum-style rant, but I’m broke AF at the moment and I can’t find it here in Saskatoon anywhere, anyway, so instead I’ve done the Hidden Gems stuff from the WWE Network in that style, broken into two parts: 80s for the first part, and 90s and beyond for the second.  So we’ll start tomorrow with that.

Tonight:  More of the baseballs as the Blue Jays limp towards the end of the season, Big Brother sees the group of complete morons further reduced to Paul and the three idiots he wants to bring with him to the end, and one of these days I’m gonna finish the Defenders on Netflix and maybe check out the Tick on Amazon Prime, but not today.

Also, another reason why RetroPie is just the best:  I can finally play Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 for the N64!  Misawa v. Stan Hansen in the baseball stadium, BABEE!  But holy cow it works beautifully and actually runs even better than WM2000 or No Mercy do on the Pi.

Talk about all of the stuff here tonight!