PWG Man on the Silver Mountain

June 16, 2017

From the American Legion Post #308 in Reseda, CA

Excalibur is your host


Trevor Lee vs. Chuck Taylor

Originally, Taylor was supposed to team with Trent against Jeff Cobb & Matt Riddle and Lee was going to face Jake Crist. However, Riddle was unable to make the show because he was defending the WWN Championship at the WWN Style Battle show so they had to rearrange the entire card. The crowd boos Lee. He almost puts Taylor away after reversing a crossbody but Taylor is able to avoid a baseball slide then starts throwing chairs at Lee, which gets a lot of cheers from the crowd. He sits Lee down in a chair and peppers him with forearm smashes before hitting a running dropkick. He continues to beat on Lee then brings him back inside, where he continues to work him over. Taylor takes Lee down and uses a single leg crab in a nice spot as the crowd yells for Lee to tap. Taylor hooks his arm on the rope to avoid an Irish whip so Lee attacks then hits a running soccer kick from the apron. Lee taunts the crowd and yells about being a TNA Superstar before choking out Taylor in the corner. Lee is doing a great job at getting the crowd to hate him but Taylor fights back. They battle up top as Taylor is able to hit a superplex after both men nearly fell off to the outside. That could have been ugly but they pulled it off. Both men are down but Taylor comes back with a basement dropkick that gets two. Sunset flip gets two. Lee catches Taylor with a dropkick but fails to hit a German suplex as Taylor uses the Sole Food for a two count. Lee drives Taylor into the corner and they have a reversal sequence ending with Lee hitting a pair of German suplexes. Taylor rolls outside but blocks a soccer kick and yanks Lee down on the apron. Taylor heads up top and rolls through a dive but is caught with a bicycle kick. Taylor is able to come back and suplex Lee into the corner then hits a pair of knee strikes before putting Lee away with a crossbody (10:26) ***.

Thoughts: I thought this was a good way to start off the show. Both men engaged the crowd and Lee’s heel act in PWG is effective and it helps that the crowd loves Taylor. I liked the finish too as it played off the beginning and Lee’s signature spot of reversing a crossbody in midair.


Jason Cade vs. Jake Crist vs. Dezmond Xavier

This is the PWG debut of Cade, who was originally going to have a singles match against Xavier. This starts off with some choreographed three-way spots then Cade yells how its b------- the other two are teaming up and eats a double super kick. Cade works over Crist and shows off his athleticism then has a reversal sequence with Cade, who takes him down with a hurricarana. Cade beats on Crist, who pulls himself up to the top rope and hits a crossbody. Ace Crusher gets two but Cade cuts off a dive then hits a tope that triggers a sequence where everyone keeps running in and copying different types of dives until Crist instead does the Randy Orton pose on the top rope. They are all back inside and trade Ace Crushers until we get a contrived spot where Cade takes Xavier off of the top with an Ace Crusher but ends up getting powerbombed by Crist in midair. Cade hits Xavier with a handspring codebreaker but Crist catches him with a super kick after a reversal sequence then we get more choreographed back-and-forth stuff that ends with everyone down on the mat. They get up and trade strikes until Cade runs wild on Crist and almost puts him away with a Canadian Destroyer. Xavier hits Cade with a 619 after using the ring post then hits a double backflip kick for a nearfall. Crist and Xavier fight up top and that ends with Crist using a flipping pedigree that gets two as Cade breaks up the pin with a super kick. Xavier breaks up a Canadian Destroyer from Cade then hits the Spiral Tap for the win (10:15) *.

Thoughts: The crowd was into this match and reportedly wanted Cade to come back to PWG. I’ve seen others online hate this match due to the fact it was just a bunch of moves without any flow and really it was just some choreographed junk. It somewhat reminded me of the SAT and Special K stuff from early Ring of Honor and I think that style is something that does not hold up well today but it work here. Personally, I was bored and did not care.


Lio Rush vs. Keith Lee

The crowd chants for a test-of-strength then Lee finally raises his hand after the two were mocking each other. Rush charges but Lee catches him and sits him on the top rope. Lee laughs and pats Rush on the cheek then tells him to bask in his glory. Rush leaps but gets caught as Lee toys with him until getting slapped in the face. Rush tells Lee to take him seriously but Lee suggests he not make him angry. Rush is unable to Irish whip Lee but escapes from a powerbomb attempt and starts using his speed to his advantage. Rush lands some strikes that stuns Lee a little bit but he ends up getting sent across the ring with a Pounce. Rush low-bridges Lee then takes him off the apron with a kick but bounces off of Lee during a tope attempt. Back inside, Lee stalks Rush before beating him down. Rush fights back then picks Lee up off the top and hits a Death Valley Driver. He then hits the frog splash but Lee powers out at two. Lee tells Rush to bask in his glory but Rush comes back with a titty twister. Lee then shoves Rush back and tosses him out of the ring. Lee goes to the camera and asks for someone to check his nipple as he yells to a fan that asked if he was alright that his nipples are sensitive. Rush finally gets himself back into the ring but is hit with an avalanche. Lee hits a double chop but Rush avoids a charge and hits a flurry of strikes. Lee sends Rush down with a headbutt but Rush fights back and sends Lee down after several kicks. Rush tries to pick Lee up but gets slammed down as Lee covers for two. Lee takes his time heading up top but misses a moonsault. However, Lee knocks Rush down with an elbow strike then says he is limitless then charges but gets caught in a Spanish Fly as Rush almost pulled off the win. Rush tries to head up top as he can barely climb as Lee stands their in mocking fashion and slams him off. Lee then perches himself on the top rope and hits a splash but Rush kicks out at one and pumps up as the crowd goes nuts. However, Rush falls down as Lee covers again but Rush pumps himself up only to get caught with the Spirit Bomb as that gets the win (16:54) ***1/2.

Thoughts: The crowd was really into this match and both guys did a superb job in telling a story of the big man not taking his smaller opponent seriously. I thought it went a tad too long but this was fun and both guys are incredibly charismatic performers with bright futures ahead of them.


War Machine vs. Unbreakable F’n Machines

Hanson and Elgin start off by running into each other then they slug it out. All four men start brawling now then take the fight outside. The match settles down as Hanson beats on Elgin in the ring. Rowe and Cage tag in as Cage snaps off a hurricarana. Rowe catches Cage with an exploder then does the same to Elgin whne he tries to make the save. The F’n Machines take over now and double-team Rowe as Cage is still the legal man. Elgin tags and press slams Rowe and holds him up for a delayed vertical suplex then passes him off to Cage who hits the move for a two count. owe fights back then tags out as Hanson runs wild on both men. War Machine is in control until Elgin breaks up a double-team move as the F’n Machines almost put Rowe away. All four men trade strikes now and fall down after hitting a bunch of clotheslines. Hanson fights off the F’n Machines then flies outside onto both men with a top rope senton. Cage almost gets put away with a double-team move then Elgin breaks up a double-team move by taking Hanson off of the top rope with a belly-to-belly suplex. Elgin hits Rowe with a top rope powerbomb then Cage hits the F5 for the win (16:26) **1/2.

Thoughts: There was some good power stuff here but the match suffered from a lack of flow. I like seeing the War Machine in PWG though as they do have a lot of depth within the tag team ranks.


Sami Callihan vs. Matt Sydal

Sydal catches Callihan with a few arm drags then they end up in a stalemate. Sydal offers a handshake but Callihan flips him off so he responds with a knee strike. Sydal hits a few kicks but Callihan clotheslines him in midair as Sydal falls to the floor. He beats on Sydal outside of the ring then sets up for a running kick but gets hit with a knee strike. Callihan is able to block a hurricarana attempt initially but Sydal countered a running powerbomb as Callihan is sent into the chairs. Sydal tosses a couple of chairs into the ring then Callihan does the same from the other side of the ring. They both run in with Callihan stomping Sydal’s hand underneath the chair he was trying to pick up. Callihan almost puts him away with an exploder onto a chair but misses a chair shot as Sydal fights back. Sydal kicks Callihan down and hits a moonsault with a chair on top of Callihan that gets two. Sydal clutches his knee then the two go back-and-forth until Callihan hits a running lariat to the back of Sydal’s head for a nearfall. Sydal fights back and heads up top but Callihan cuts him off with a chairshot. They have a pinfall reversal sequence after that and it ends with Callihan putting Sydal in the Stretch Muffler as Sydal taps out after he was unable to reach the ropes (10:45) **1/4.

Thoughts: Nothing here stood out and both guys felt stale in this match. I think it also suffered a bit from a lack of crowd heat due to the previous match, which also was unable to follow Lee vs. Rush.


Jeff Cobb vs. Trent

Cobb overpowers Trent to start. Trent starts firing away on the outside but Cobb cuts him off and regains control. They head back inside where Cobb hits a sidewinder suplex then a running Samoan drop as Trent is in trouble. They head outside again where Trent is unable to get enough momentum going for a comeback. Back inside, Trent is able to avoid a standing moonsault and lands a few strikes. He counters an Orange Crush with a hurricarana then flies outside with a tope con hilo but gets caught as Cobb nearly stumbles down before dropping him on top of the ring apron. Back inside, Cobb stays in control briefly until both men end up on the apron where Trent hits a piledriver. Trent then hits a Gotch Piledriver for a nearfall after that before switching to a crossface. Cobb powers out then beats on Trent for a while. Trent blocks a powerbomb and hits the Dudebuster as both men are down. Trent is finally able to make the cover but Cobb kicks out. They start trading strikes until Cobb knocks Trent down with a headbutt. Cobb suplexes Trent around until getting the win the Tour of the Islands (17:31) ***1/4.

Thoughts: Another solid performance by Trent in the underdog babyface role. I feel its his most effective role, especially in PWG. Cobb played his role here well too and continues to get a push in PWG, where he seems to shine the most.


reDRagon vs. Leaders of the New School

Sabre and Fish start things off on the mat. The crowd chants for Marty as he tags in but gets backed in the corner. O’Reilly tags in now and mixes it up with Scurll, who ducks out for a breather before tagging out. We get more matwork from both teams and that goes on for a while until the LDRS take control with some cheap shots. reDRagon fights back then Fish suplexes Scurll for a nearfall. Sabre gets beat down in the corner then is hit with a double snap suplex. LDRS fight back and take control as they beat on Fish in the corner. The crowd is way into Scurll too despite the fact he’s a heel. LDRS cut off the ring until Fish finally makes the tag. O’Reilly runs wild on Sabre then the two trade strikes on the mat. Scurll comes in but O’Reilly takes him down with an ankle lock while he has Sabre in a headscissors. The match breaks down then the LDRS take control as they beat on O’Reilly. They almost put him away after a series of Penalty Kicks but O’Reilly is soon able to tag out as Fish runs wild. Fish shows a lot of fire here as he’s the only man standing. The crowd still chants for Scurll, who comes back with a finger breaker then tries for the chicken wing. Sabre comes in to O’Reilly in the octopus hold but reDRagon counter both submissions and the teams go back-and-forth until everyone is down on the mat. We get a dueling chant for Scurll and Fish as they slug it out from their knees and that ends with both men knocking each other down. They tag out as Sabre and O’Reilly scream and trade strikes then Fish and Scurll come in as things break down. Sabre hits O’Reilly with a running belt shot behind the ref’s back but O’Reilly gets his arm up at the last millisecond. O’Reilly then fights off the LDRS as the crowd goes mental. Sabre is almost put away with a roundhouse kick/brainbuster combo then Scurll takes out Fish behind the ref’s back with his umbrella and that leads to Sabre putting O’Reilly in a triangle hold as Scurll uses a finger breaker and O’Reilly then has no choice but to tap out (30:02) ***3/4. After the match, LDRS beat down O’Reilly until Taylor runs out for the save. Taylor picks up the PWG Title that belongs to Sabre and places it on the mat. He then grabs the mic and tells Sabre he’s sick of seeing him in tag matches then challenges him for the title on the July 7th show (Pushing Forward Back) and promises never to challenge for the title again if he loses. Sabre then comes back out in his underwear, pissed off Taylor interrupted him, and accepts.

Thoughts: Best match on the show. This crowd loved Scurll and with the LDRS vs. Best Friends feud the main focus of PWG the LDRS winning made the most sense. They also set up the main event for the next show with the added stipulation that Taylor can never challenge for the PWG Title again if he loses.


Final Thoughts: Another inconsistent PWG offering in 2017. The company still is showing effects of a hangover from the 2016 BOLA and are suffering from some talent departures and other regulars sporadically appearing. They did manage to set up for a big main event at the next show at least but this particular show is not something I would recommend you go out and purchase on DVD.


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