“Crash T.V.” Roots

  Vince Russo's style of writing in the late 1990's in The WWF and WCW was coined "Crash T.V."  Are there any T.V. Shows,(past or present), you can label "Crash T.V.", or is that a term coined just for the business?

​Russo's style owed a lot (a LOT) to shows like Melrose Place, to name one off the top of my head, and MTV's Jackass and all the offshoots were also a huge influence, I'd say.  In fact, you could probably label Jackass as "Crash TV" and be pretty accurate about it.  Not to mention that ECW itself developed a lot of the visual style and pacing that Russo "innovated" on RAW a few years later.  They were really the first ones to pull back the fake curtain and reveal the "real" curtain behind it.​